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Annual Symposium 2014

Thursday 6 and Friday 7 November, the Park Inn, York.

The full programme is available here.

Themes and speakers:

Society lecture

Professor Peter Anderson

ALICE RAP and the addictions health footprint - Toward a redesign of addictions governance

Pain, analgesia & addiction

Dr Rebecca Lawrence

Pain and dependency - Better together

Dr Cathy Stannard

Pain and Problematic Use of Opioids

Dr James Bell

The three worlds of prescription opioid misuse


Dr Heleen Riper

The clinical & cost-effectiveness of e-prevention & treatment for alcohol misuse

Dr Bridgette Bewick

How are individuals processing the information we provide?: Using verbal protocols to explore the user experience of brief personalised e-interventions for alcohol use

Professor Kathy Carroll

The brave new world of computerized interventions for addictions


Ms Ildiko Tombor

Development and evaluation of SmokeFree Baby: a smoking cessation smartphone app for pregnant smokers

Mr Mike Ashton

Matrices and Bites: The base of the evidence base for addiction treatment

Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin

Improving the management of co-morbid addictive & mental disorders through the use of technology

Contingency management

Dr Tim Weaver

Is it feasible and acceptable to deliver contingency management in UK drug treatment settings?

Dr Nicola Metrebian

Do monetary incentives increase completion of HBV vaccination amongst people in opiate treatment?

Alcohol, public health & what we think we know

Dr John Holmes

Characterising the UK drinking culture using drinking occasions: A latent class analysis

Mr James Nicholls

Alcohol licensing and public health: bringing research and practice together

Professor David Foxcroft

On the accuracy of brief alcohol questionnaires in primary care in the UK


Dr Lynne Dawkins

Electronic Cigarettes: Craving, Quitting & Addictive Potential - keeping up with a rapidly evolving phenomena

Professor Ann McNeill

E-cigarettes: Good or bad for public health?

Dr Jamie Brown

E-cigarette use in England: Latest trends from the Smoking Toolkit Study


Annual Symposium 2013

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 November at the Park Inn, York, UK

Professor Robert West gave the Society Lecture: 'What can the experience of combating tobacco addiction globally tell us about better ways of addressing other addictions?'


  • Patient/service-user involvement
  • Effective mechanisms of treatment
  • Alcohol and drug testing methods and their uses
  • International treatment and prevention policy.


Professor Matt Field ‘Understanding addiction: the contributions of basic science’
Dr Kathleen Carroll ‘What is the evidence for time limiting addiction treatments?’
Professor Katie Witkiewitz ‘Improving treatment delivery outcomes’
Dr Magdalena Harris Hearing the service-user voice: evidence for the advantages of taking the service-user perspective into the design of service delivery’
Dr Matthew Gaskell ‘Moving from service user to self help group: the experience of a treatment group for social anxiety and alcohol dependence’
Dr Chris Holden Alcohol, tobacco, and industry influence on public policy’
Linda Ng Fat ‘Are we overestimating the beneficial effects of alcohol in later life? The sick quitter and sick non-starter hypotheses’
Professor Robin Davidson ‘The myth of evidence based policy’
Dr Steve George ‘How to test – what do tests tell’
Dr Robert Cohen ‘Clinical and legal aspects of hair testing for alcohol’
Dr Kim Wolff ‘Drug-driving legislation; the policy and the law: Which drugs are to be included and what is the evidence?’
Dr Martin Raw ‘A survey of tobacco cessation support in 121 countries’
Dr Vivian Hope ‘Harm reduction: policy and practice’
Jaime Delgadillo Mental health screening and outcome measurement in alcohol & drug users
Dr Caitlin Notley An SSA fellowship on Smoking Relapse Prevention – a mixed methods approach extending from the SHARPISH RCT
Sally Marlow Measuring alcohol-related parenting problems in mothers
Laura Nice Addiction and the family internationally: report of work in progress
Dr Jürgen Rehm ‘Alcohol treatment policy and the AMPHORA project’

The programme can be downloaded here

Poster Presentations:

Poster presentations can be downloaded here and author biographies can be downloaded here

Lead Author Name Paper Title Corres Author Email et al Authors' Names
Dr Yasir Abbasi A pilot clinic for prescription drug addiction Adejoke Obirenjeyi Oluyase, University of York; Alexandra Mirrin, Leeds Addiction Unit
Dr Hamad al Ghaferi Characteristics of a clinical population of substance misusers in Jordan Dr Catriona Matheson, Prof Amanda Lee, Prof Christine Bond - all University of Aberdeen
Ms Paula Alves Using patient-generated outcome measures to evaluate treatment outcomes in substance misuse treatment settings: a preliminary study Célia Sales & Mark Ashworth
Dr Sarah Baker A national study of acute hospital-based Alcohol Health Workers Charlie Lloyd, Noreen Mdege, Paul Toner
Dr Bridgette Bewick Exploring user perceptions of an online intervention designed to encourage help-seeking for problem drinking B Bewick, University of Leeds; J Birtwhistle, University of Leeds; A Serafin, University of Leeds; D Raistrick, Leeds Addiction Unit; G Tober, Leeds Addiction Unit
Second prize
Ms Sarah Buckingham A change of perspective: Group membership and social identity in addiction recovery Daniel Frings, London South Bank University; Ian P Albery, London South Bank University
Dr David Carson General Practice is an efficient place to manage all the complexities of drug addictions Dr Roy Robertson
Dr Richard Cooper Over-the-Counter Pharmacy Medicine Misuse, Abuse and Dependence in the UK: a Pilot Survey Study Dr Lucy Gell
Professor Walter Cullen Psychosocial INTerventions for Alcohol use among problem drug users (PINTA): protocol for a feasibility study in primary care J Klimas, R Anderson, M Bourke, G Bury, C-A Field, E Kaner, R Keane, E Keenan, D Meagher, B Murphy, C S M O'Gorman, T O'Toole, J Saunders, B P Smyth, C Dunne, W Cullen
Professor Walter Cullen Development and process evaluation of an educational intervention to support primary care of problem alcohol among drug users J Klimas, R Anderson, M Bourke, G Bury, C-A Field, E Kaner, R Keane, E Keenan, D Meagher, B Murphy, C S M O'Gorman, T O'Toole, J Saunders, B P Smyth, C Dunne, W Cullen
Professor Walter Cullen Genetic Pre-determinants of Concurrent Alcohol and Opioid Dependence: A discussion Literature Review J Klimas, R Anderson, M Bourke, G Bury, C-A Field, E Kaner, R Keane, E Keenan, D Meagher, B Murphy, C S M O'Gorman, T O'Toole, J Saunders, B P Smyth, C Dunne, W Cullen
Dr Wendy Dossett Are Twelve Step Fellowships Religious?  
Ms Sarah Elison Conceptualising implementation of computer assisted therapy (CAT) throughout Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) a national substance misuse organisation using Roger's Diffusion of Innovation Theory: Davies, Glyn, Breaking Free Online; Ward, Jonathan, Breaking Free Online
Ms Catherine Anne Field Attitudes and practices regarding the management of problem alcohol use among patients receiving opiate substitution treatment in primary care in Ireland: A cross sectional survey of GPs Prof Walter Cullen, University of Limerick; Dr Jan Klimas, University of Limerick; Prof Joe Barry, Trinity College Dublin; Prof Gerard Bury, University College Dublin; Dr Eamon Keenan, Health Service Executive; Dr Bobby Smyth, Health Service Executive
Ms Catherine Anne Field The influence of role perceptions in the management of problem alcohol use among patients receiving opiate substitution treatment in primary care in Ireland: A mixed methods study Prof Walter Cullen, University of Limerick; Dr Jan Klimas, University of Limerick; Prof Joe Barry, Trinity College Dublin; Prof Gerard Bury, University College Dublin; Dr Eamon Keenan, Health Service Executive; Dr Bobby Smyth, Health Service Exectuive
Ms Niamh Fingleton Non-prescription medicine misuse, abuse and dependence in the UK: a general population survey Dr Catriona Matheson, University of Aberdeen; Dr Margaret Watson, University of Aberdeen; Dr Eilidh Duncan, University of Aberdeen
Dr Rahul Gandhi Stimulant Prescribing Audit Dr David Rhinds, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Dr Lucy Gell The determinants of addiction: a case-study of multidisciplinary working to develop understanding of substance use and gambling  
Mrs Christine Goodair Deaths in the UK from drugs and volatile substances - monitoring programmes  
Mrs Christine Goodair Ketamine analogue Methoxetamine and related deaths in the UK during 2011-2012: descriptive and clinical characteristics of national programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (np-SAD) cases  
Mrs Christine Goodair Fatalities associated with Mephedrone in combination with other stimulant drugs in young people aged 16-24 years  
Mrs Christine Goodair Deaths involving 'Benzo Fury', UK, 2011-2012  
Dr Lee Hogan Effectiveness of a group psychosocial intervention (Group PSI) for co-morbid mental health and substance dependence ('dual diagnosis'): An initial pilot outcomes evaluation of 'Pillars of Recovery' Elison, Sarah, Breaking Free Online; Davies, Glyn, Breaking Free Online; Ward, Jonathan, Breaking Free Online
Highly commended
Dr John Holmes Gender-specific trends in British alcohol consumption and abstention: Age, period, cohort analyses using the General Lifestyle Survey 1984-2009 Yang Meng, Daniel Hill-McManus, Alan Brennan, Petra S Meier
Mr Gregory Howard Binge Drinking and Young People: Social Identity, Habit and Theory of Planned Behaviour Dr Victoria Scaife
Highly commended
Ms Christina Intrator Exploring the value of ECG monitoring in a low threshold medication clinic Christina Intrator, Catherine Lomax, Katt Payne, Ross Campbell, Alexandra Gray-Renfrew, Amy Green, Arina Tamborska (all at University of Edinburgh)
Dr Viran Kansagara Recovery in opiate dependence Dr Fleur Ashby, Substance Misuse Service, Barnsley
Dr John Kelly Where there's a will there's a way: A longitudinal investigation of the interplay between recovery motivation and self-efficacy in predicting treatment outcome M Claire Green
Dr John Kelly Young adults, social networks, and recovery: Does 12-step participation enhance treatment outcome via mobilizing social network change? Robert L Stout, Decision Sciences Institute, Rhode Island; M Claire Greene, Center for Addiction Medicine Depts of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston; Valerie Slaymaker, Hazelden Foundation, Center City
Dr Laura Kemmis Cart before the horse? Psychological treatment of substance using individuals with PTSD Dr Laura Kemmis, Early Intervention Service, Newham, East London; Dr Kim Ehntholt, Traumatic Stress Clinic, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Shamil Wanigaratne, National Rehabilitation Centre Abu Dhabi and Institute of Psychiatry, KCL
Dr Zarnie Khadjesari Health on the web: A randomised controlled trial of work-based online screening and brief intervention for reducing alcohol intake Elizabeth Murray, Stuart Linke, Rachael Hunter, Nick Freemantle
Mr Jan Klimas Implementing Alcohol SBIRT for Opioid Agonist Patients: Perceptions of Primary and Specialty Care Staff Klimas, J; Croff, R; Rieckman, T; Haverly, S; Muench, J; Wiest, K; Winkle, J; McCarty, D
Dr Christos Kouimtsidis Cognitive Behaviour Therapy treatment models revisited; the role of negative expectancies Daniel Stahl, Dept of Biostatistics, IoP, KCL; Robert West, Health Behaviour Research Centre, Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health, UCL; Colin Drummond, Section of Alcohol Research, IoP, KCL
Dr Gil Kovac A Retrospective Outcomes Evaluation of Cannabis Use at an Addictions Centre Dr Yasir Abbasi, Leeds Addiction Unit; Dr David Owens, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
Dr Rebecca Lawrence Transfer from high dose methadone to buprenorphine on a specialist in-patient unit - a case series  
Ms Jalix Lees An exploration of coping, hope, emotional connectedness and social support in family units responding to an addiction problem Michael Larkin, Alex Copello
Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones Low Dose Subcutaneous Flumazenil For The Management Of Benzodiazepine Dependence Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Dept of Addiction Medicine, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne; Prof Jon Currie, NCeNTA, Melbourne Eastern Healthcare; Helen O'Neil, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne; Lisa Collins, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Dr Manoj Mathen Service evaluation of a new intensive support programme set up at an addiction unit Dr Yasir Abbasi - Consulant Psychiatrist in Addictions; Alexandra Marrin - Associate Practitioner; Laura Gow - Clinical Nurse Specialist; Dr Manoj Mathen - ST6, General Adult Psychiatry
Mr Matthew Mayhew Examining subjective and electrophysiological responses to alcohol-related stimuli in non-dependent heavy drinkers Dr Jose van Velzen, Goldsmith's College, University of London; Prof Jane H Powell, Goldsmith's College, University of London
Mr Matthew Mayhew The development of a self-report questionnaire to measure state impulsiveness and an exploration of its association with recent alcohol consumption Prof Jane H Powell, Goldsmith's College, University of London
Mr Ewan McCance Antidepressant use following 3-months in Recovery from Substance Misuse Dr David McCartney, Clinical Lead, Lothian & Edinburgh Abstinence Program; Dr Malcolm Bruce, Consultant Psychiatrist in Addiction
Ms Marina Mendonca Drinking in Later Life and Well-being Martin Frisher; Clare Holdsworth - both Keele University; Cesar de Oliveira, Hynek Pikhart, Nicola Shelton - all University College London
Ms Rebecca Monk A multi-methodological approach to studying alcohol-related cognitions  
Dr Rajini Mulukutla High blood pressure during alcohol detoxification Dr Yasir Abbasi, University of Leeds
Dr Jamshid Nazari Effectiveness of a nurse led hospital in-reach team and assertive follow-up of frequent attenders with alcohol misuse complications - a retrospective mirror image evaluation Dr Duncan Raistrick
Dr M Neilson Patient engagement and follow up after specialist in-patient alcohol detoxification in Scotland Ratcliffe, L, MacKenzie Medical Centre; Petrie R X A, Royal Edinburgh Hospital; Lawrence, R, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Dr Caitlin Notley The use of self-help materials in smoking relapse prevention - Initial qualitative findings from an ongoing RCT Ms V Maskrey, Ms A Blyth, Prof R Holland, Prof F Song (All Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia)
Professor Jim Orford Addiction and the family internationally: report of work in progress. Laura Nice, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham
Dr Lynn Owens Baclofen as an adjunct pharmacotherapy for the maintenance of abstinence in alcohol dependent patients with established liver disease A. Rose, M. Pirmohamed, S. Williams, W. Gao, R. Shaw, P. Richardson
Mr Tom Parkman The exploration of an 'ex-service user' led project for recovery from alcohol addiction  
First prize
Mr James Randall Exploring the feasibility and usability of alcohol screening tools for people with cognitive impairment Ms Anna Thake, South Essex Partnership Trust, Bedford Older People's CMHT, University of Hertfordshire; Dr Sarah Wadd, University of Bedfordshire; Dr Kim Edwards, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, South Essex Partnership Trust, Bedford Older People's CMHT
Dr Gillian Shorter Patterns of past year hangover symptomatology in Canadian Adults and relationship with hangover 'cures' John A Cunningham, Australian National University, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, University of Toronto; Michell Murphy, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, University of Toronto
Ms Rachel Simpson Chlordiazepoxide Prescribing in Medically Assisted Alcohol Withdrawal Tom Phillips, Humber NHS Foundation Trust & Institute of Psychiatry, KCL
Dr Dilraj Singh Reporting of problematic use of Benzodiazepine in presentations to Tier 3 Substance Misuse services in Surrey Dr Marian DeRuiter, Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Iain Smith The horrors, the horrors: Presentations of alcoholism to physicians in mid-Victorian Edinburgh  
Dr Paul Toner Reflections on embedding a qualitative element within a pilot RCT comparing two interventions for heavy drinkers identified in a general hospital setting Charlie Lloyd; Noreen Mdege; Judith Watson - all University of York
Dr Christina Trigeorgis An investigation of the relationship between shame and substance use: Aggression, disclosure and self-related constructs in clients with drug dependence Dr Paul Davis, University of Surrey
Dr Anna Maria Vella An Overview of the outcome of pregnancy in Substance Misusing Pregnant Women: a 10-year Retrospective Study Professor Charles Savona Venture, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, University of Malta; Dr Kim Wolff, King's College London, UK
Dr Alex Verner The Tower Hamlets Rapid Access Outreach Clinic (RAOC) at the Dellow Centre for homeless people, London Borough of Tower Hamlets Raymond Boakye, Specialist Addictions Pharmacist, Dr J. Mathew, Specialty Doctor, both of East London Foundation NHS Trust Specialist Addictions Services.


Annual Symposium 2012

Thursday 8 and Friday 9 November at the Park Inn, York, UK

Dr Bruce Ritson gave the Society Lecture on the subject of alcohol policy and its implementation in Scotland, with an historical perspective.


  • Emerging challenges in addiction psychiatry
  • Alcohol: harms, interventions and policy
  • The research base for policy
  • Recovery


Dr John Roche New drugs, new problems? Responding to club drugs in Leeds
Prof Val Curran Ketamine: an overview of its long-term effects on mental and physical health
Prof Alex Stevens Drug trends and policy responses: Explaining the drug policy ratchet
Dr Adam Winstock New drug trends and unmet treatment need - Findings from the Global Drug Survey, 2011-12
Dr Richard Cooper Respectable 'addicts'? Identity and over-the-counter medicine abuse
Dr Betsy Thom Delivering alcohol policy: the role of partnerships
Dr Rachel Herring How do we judge the 'value' of alcohol interventions?
Dr Richard de Visser 'I have more negative reactions to really drunk women': working with and against gender double-standards for drinking and drunkenness in interventions with young people
Dr Petra Meier Alcohol price and availability: the evidence base
Dr Jane Marshall Where now, UK alcohol policy?
Dr Duncan Raistrick Payment by Results
Dr John Kelly Mobilizers, mechanisms, and moderators of addiction recovery
Mr Tim Leighton Recovery: is this a new agenda or not? - What has been the impact of changes in the government-imposed treatment agenda over the past 15 years?
Dr Lymarie Rodriguez Time and change: A developmental model of young men's recovery

Dr Bridgette Bewick, winner of the 2012 Fred Yates prize, presented ‘Using brief electronic personalised feedback to reduce use of alcohol and other drugs’.

Click here to download the conference programme.


Annual Symposium 2011

Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November at the Park Inn, York, UK

Society lecture
Family interventions for drug and alcohol problems Dr Barbara McCrady


Family members affected by relatives' alcohol, drug or gambling problems
Affected family members: a case of international neglect Professor Jim Orford
Finding a Culturally Appropriate Research Approach to Alcohol, Drugs and Family - NZ research examples Trish Gledhill & Helen Moriarty
Stress, coping and strain of family members in São Paulo, Brazil Maria de Fátima Rato Padin
Piloting the 5-Step Method with young people affected by parental substance misuse or mental health problems in Northern Ireland Lorna Templeton & Ed Sipler
Results of a quasi-experimental design study to promote work with affected family members in a large third sector organisation in England Claire Hampson & Alex Copello
Results of an intervention with family members of alcohol misusers in an indigenous region of Mexico Guillermina Natera
Affected family members: the National Problem Gambling Clinic (London) experience Jennifer Cousins
Maternal Opioid Treatment: Human Experimental Research (MOTHER) project
Research controlled trial comparing methadone with buprenorphine in opioid dependent pregnant women and its neonates Professor Gabriele Fischer
Site differences between Europe and the USA in the MOTHER study: From enrolment to neonatal parameters Dr Andjela Baewert
Comparison of an RCT with a prospective investigated group in standardised protocol: What can we learn from the RCT? Dr Bernadette Winklbaur
The impact of political changes on availability and treatment
Wind of change - Development of Czech drug policy and services after the fall of Communism
Dr Josef Radimecky
Illicit drugs in Northern Ireland: The role of political conflict in shaping
drug markets, drug policy and service provision
Dr Karen McElrath
Alcohol industry influence on public policy: A case study of pricing and
promotions policy
Dr Ben Hawkins
Prediction, prevention & primary care screening for alcohol disorders
Accuracy of alcohol screening instruments in primary care: systematic review and meta-analysis Dr Lesley Smith
A brief intervention to develop sensible attitudes to alcohol in children (aged
8-11) and their parents
Dr Tina Alwyn
Social normative feedback to prevent student alcohol misuse: randomised controlled trial Professor David Foxcroft


Fred Yates prize presentations
Improving existing treatments by understanding brain processes underlying
Dr Jodie Trafton
The development of a cannabis screening and outcome measure Dr Simon

 Delegates’ Poster presentations:

Lead author Co authors Title
Ms Cheryl Barrass Barrass, C; Bewick, BM; Martin, C; Sugden, H Drinking experiences of first year female students: using narratives to explore the transition to university life
Dr Nadine Bogdan Ms Jacquie Bird, Dr Bhags Sharma, Dr Kostas Stagias What determines patients’ experience of care for substance misuse? A pilot study of community population with addictions
Dr Nadine Bogdan Ms Jacquie Bird, Dr Bhags Sharma The role of adult attachment in the aetiology and management of substance misuse. Systematic literature review
Dr Owen Bowden-Jones Dargan P I, Lingford-Hughes A, Reed L, Wood D M Development of a risk assessment tool to determine whether patents with GHB/GBL toxicity can be managed in an out-patient or in-patient setting
Dr Rebecca Chubb Dr Jenny Hyland, Dr Hany El-Sayeh, Dr Priyanka Bichala Does the CIWA affect inpatient alcohol detoxification parameters?
Dr Sharon Cox Dr Kevin Riggs, Dr Chris Chandler Alcoholism and the relevance of visio-spatial perspective taking (VSPT) in understanding another’s visual viewpoint
S Crosby Crosby, S; Bell, D; Savva, G; Marshall, K; Furber, A; Bewick, BM Social Norms in the Community (SONIC): Strengthening smokefree social norms in local communities
Ms Helen Crosby Duncan Raistrick, Cara Battle, Gillian Tober Perspectives in outcome measurement for addiction interventions
Dr Anna Croxford Dr C Notley, Ms V Maskrey, Dr R Holland, Dr C Kouimtsidis An exploratory qualitative study seeking participant views evaluating preparation for alcohol detoxification groups
Dr John Cunningham David C. Hodgins, Tony Toneatto, Michelle Murphy Randomized controlled trial of a personalized feedback intervention for problem gamblers
Colin Ferguson Why do adults drink at home? An internet survey
Ms Niamh Fingleton Dr Catriona Matheson and Dr Mariesha Jaffray Psychological health changes during opiate replacement therapy: a systematic review
Dr John Foster Why adults drink at home: An internet survey
Mr Gregory Howard Dr Victoria Scaife Young adults’ binge drinking as explained by an augmented theory of planned behaviour
Dr Kathryn Johnson Dr Aishin Lok Breast feeding in neonatal abstinence syndrome: A word of caution
Dr Kathryn Johnson Dr Aishin Lok Ketamine use in pregnancy: Potential lifelong effects on the unborn foetus
Dr Karan Jolly Dr Niral Desai, Dr Jatinder Tiwana, Minesh Karia Disulfiram for alcohol dependence (Review)
Dr Mariam Kashmiri Dr Charlotte Feinmann, Dr Richard Senbanjo A standardised assessment of GP attitudes to substance misuse
Mr Mark Kirk Mariesha Jaffray, Dave Liddell, Mandy Ryan, Christine Bond, Amanda Clark The views of the general public towards drug misuse and drug treatment strategies in Scotland
Commended poster
Ms Jennifer Lang Dr Lucinda Cockayne, Dr Rebecca Lawrence Baclofen for alcohol dependence: A review of prescribing following discharge from an inpatient alcohol detoxification clinic
Ms Ellen Lynch Dr V Scaife, Dr N Cooper Exploring student drinking: A typical night out, alcoholism and binge drinking
Mr Matthew Mayhew Examining electrophysiological response to alcohol-related stimuli in non-dependent heavy drinkers
Dr Antonio Metastasio Clare Beard, Dr Bhagat Sharma Insight into clients’ opinion of recovery
Mr Mario Mifsud Sue Jickells, Janet Mifsud, Kim Wolff Identification of di(?-phenylisopropyl)amine (DPIA) in tablets sold as “Ecstasy”: a pro-drug or synthesis gone wrong?
Mr Mario Mifsud Sue Jickells, Janet Mifsud, Kim Wolff The identification of two designer drugs, 1-benzylpiperazine (BZP) and 1-(3-chlorophenyl)piperazine (mCPP): implications for users
Dr Abhijit Nadkarni Estimating the independent effect of heavy alcohol use among the elderly on the psychological health of their co-residents
Dr Nicola Naven Audit of effectiveness of out-patient buprenorphine detox
Dr Caitlin Notley Ms V Maskrey, Ms A Blyth, Prof R Holland, Dr H Pinto, Ms R Beggs ‘Moving on’ towards ‘recovery’ – an exploratory study of barriers for long term opiate maintenance clients
Dr Ashish Pandey Daphne Rumball Recording of the rationale for long-term Methadone maintenance treatment; a review of clinical records
Ms Elisavet Patouris Young people and cannabis use: An expanded theory of planned behaviour study
Dr Scott Payne Jaime Delgadillo, Stuart Gore, Dawn Jessop, Paula Singleton, Simon Gilbody Acceptability of mental health screening in routine addictions treatment
Commended poster
Mr Thomas Phillips Simon Coulton, Colin Drummond Systematic review of screening tools and procedures to identify hazardous drinking and alcohol use disorders in adult attendees in emergency departments
Ms Katrina Rumball Rumball, K; Bewick, BM; Tober, G; Raistrick, D; Johnson, O; Birtwhistle, J Intervening to encourage help-seeking by problem drinkers recently admitted to hospital: development of changedrinking
G Savva Savva, G; Edlin, B; Knighton, T; Bewick, BM A social norms approach to correct student misperceptions of substance use: What the flock?
Ms Jennifer Seddon Professor Alex Copello, Professor Max Birchwood & the National EDEN study group The impact of cannabis use on symptomatic and functional outcome in first-episode psychosis
Dr Gillian Smith Slade, T; Darke, S Patterns of polydrug use in Australia: Findings from the National Drug Strategy Household Survey
Dr Caral Stevenson Professor Jo Neale Good practice guidelines on hostel accommodation: The views of homeless drug users
Dr Chaitra Suresh Dr Soraya Mayet Survey of staff attitudes to smoking in psychiatric wards
Poster Prize Winner
Ms Lorna Templeton Emma Cox Supporting families living with parental substance misuse: the M-PACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) Programme
Dr Paul Toner Richard Velleman A social support measure for family members of problem substance users: Initial reliability and validity findings
Dr Jodie Trafton Eleanor Lewis, Amanda M Midboe, Meenah Paik, Robert Kerns, Rollin Gallagher, Jack Rosenberg, William Becker, Francine Goodman Measures to assess adherence to prescription opioid guidelines in the United States Veterans Health Administration
Dr Anna Williams Kim Wolff, Femke Buisman Pijlman, Mary Loos, Kyle Dyer, Elizabeth Eustis-Turf, Charles O'Keeffe, John Strang, Randy Koch, Robert Ali, Robert Balster, Rod Irvine International Programme in Addiction Studies (IPAS): an overview of the first three years of implementation
Mrs Siri Haugland Seeing parents drunk: does that affect adolescents’ later substance use?
A prospective study of 2399 young Norwegian – The Young-HUNT study
Delegates’ Oral presentations
Presenting author Co authors Title
Dr Bridgette Bewick Harrison, W; Barrass, C; Hill A J; Martin, C; West, R Understanding student drinking using individual and population based approaches
Mrs Sarah Buckingham Daniel Frings, Ian P Albery The Group Identity Model of Addiction Treatment Effectiveness (GIMATE):An initial investigation
Ms Vikki Charles Tim Weaver, Nicola Metrebian, Nicholas Little, Steve Pilling, John Strang An exploratory study examining service user views and experiences of Contingency Management in UK drug service settings
Dr Sarah Galvani Dr Cherilyn Dance, Dr Aisha Hutchinson Working with substance specialists: multi-agency working in social work practice. Findings from a national study.
Dr John Kelly Bettina Hoeppner, Robert L Stout, Maria Pagano Determining the relative importance of the mechanisms of behavior change within alcoholics anonymous: A multiple mediator analysis
Dr Christos Kouimtsidis Holland, R; Notley, C; Maskrey, V; Robinson, A; Swift, L; Harvey, I; Rosenbloom, K A randomised controlled trial and qualitative study of supervised consumption in clients managed with opioid substitution treatment
Dr Katja Kuusisto Tytti Artkoski M Soc Sc, Prof Pekka Saarnio The female therapist and the client’s gender in outpatient substance abuse treatment
Dr Catriona Matheson Mariesha Jaffray, Dave Liddell, Mandy Ryan, Christine Bond, Amanda Clark Attitudes, knowledge and experience of the general public towards drug misuse and drug treatment strategies
Dr Jim McCambridge Preben Bendtsen, Marcus Bendtsen, Nadine Karlsson, Per Nilsen RCT of the effectiveness of electronic mail based alcohol intervention with university students: dismantling the assessment and feedback components
Dr Caral Stevenson Professor Jo Neale “We ended up doing more rough sleeping just to be together”: Homeless drug users’ experiences of hostel living and intimate relationships
Dr Arve Strandheim Grete H Bratberg, Turid L Holmen, Lindsey Coombes, Niels Bentzen Young adolescents' behaviour and health problems enhancing alcohol and drug use in late adolescence?
Dr Sarah Wadd K Lapworth, D Forrester, M Sullivan, S Galvani Working with older drinkers: insight from older peoples’ addiction services and published literature
Dr Emma Brandish, Miss Charlotte Wyatt Sheron N, Sinclair JMA Explanatory models for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) among patients with alcohol related liver disease compared with those presenting to an alcohol treatment programme in Wessex, England

Annual Symposium 2010

'Dissemination and implementation of addiction research'

'Addictions and commonly co-existing problems'

York, 11 - 12 November


Invited Speakers: Abstracts and Presentations

Invited speakers abstracts can he downloaded here

Implementing research on service user participation Dr Duncan Raistrick
Identifying effective behaviour change techniques in smoking and alcohol interventions Professor Susan Michie
Evidence-based treatments for alcohol problems: Are they being implemented? Dr Jane Marshall
Interpreting outcomes data for the purpose of implementing research in practice Professor Mats Berglund
'They’ll drink bucket loads of the stuff': An analysis of internal alcohol industry advertising documents Professor Gerard Hastings
An investigation into the environmental impact of off-license premises on residential neighbourhoods Dr Alasdair Forsyth
The role of parents in preventing alcohol misuse: An evaluation of the Kids, Adults Together programme (KAT) Dr Jeremy Segrott & Ms Heather Rothwell
Translating research into evidence-based practice within the problem gambling field Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones
Suicide and suicidal behaviour in alcohol use disorders Dr Julia Sinclair
Personality disorder in substance misusing populations Dr Owen Bowden-Jones
Substance use and psychosis: Linkage, interventions and outcomes Professor Christine Barrowclough
The relationship between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and substance use disorder: Evidence based treatment and clinical implications Dr Søren Dalsgaard
Misdiagnosis and mistreatment Dr Ed Day
Current status of alcohol marketing policy - a quintessential alcohol control policy issue – 2010 Society Lecture Professor Sally Casswell
Smoking cessation interventions for severe mental illness: What works? Professor Simon Gilbody
Dissemination of Addiction Research: An integrated knowledge to action framework for tobacco dependence treatment Dr Peter Selby


Delegates’ oral presentations
Patients’ views on 24 hour licensing: A qualitative study Dr Lynn Owens
How can the UK and the US improve the quality of care for substance use disorders?: A policy-oriented review Professor Keith Humphreys
Exploring the experiences and needs of grandparents who care for their grandchildren because of parental substance misuse Ms Lorna Templeton
A cluster randomised controlled trial of enhanced pharmacy services (EPS) to improve outcomes for patients on methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) Mrs Mariesha Jaffray
Electronic compliance monitoring in opioid substitution treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone: Can abuse be reduced? Dr Ulrich Tacke
Factors associated with successful implementation for projects addressing alcohol and other licit drug-associated harm in Australia Dr Sarah MacLean
Whether mental health symptoms differ according to opiate use predilection Lisa Keane

Androgenic anabolic steroids: a qualitative study of the context of how and why they are used in different groups
Dr Charles Cornford
The role of Alcoholics Anonymous in mobilizing adaptive social network changes: A prospective lagged mediational analysis Dr John Kelly
Success in a Canadian Methadone Maintenance Treatment programme Dr Martyn Judson
Untreated Heavy Drinkers followed up for a decade: why do some continue to drink so heavily? Professor Jim Orford
Interpersonal relationships during addiction and recovery: A qualitative exploration of the views of clients in therapeutic community Mr Jan Klimas
Lay contributions to a sexual health survey of substance misusing women Ms Natalie Lambert
'There’s too much coke and too much smoke': Evaluating the risk factors associated with social care outcomes for babies of women who misuse alcohol or drugs Jessica Roy
Classificatory and biolooping in a biopsychosocial model of addiction Professor Anja Koski-Jännes
In randomisation we trust? Questions from brief intervention trials Dr Jim McCambridge
An evaluation of the impact of alcohol related admissions on accident and emergency (A&E) departments in Wales Dr Tina Alwyn

Poster presentations
The effects of place on health risk: A qualitative study of micro-injecting environments Dr Stephen Parkin
Harm reduction and ‘health rights’: the effects of displacing public injecting sites in an urban environment Dr Stephen Parkin
‘Blue lights’ and injecting drug use: Information and harm reduction advice (A guide for injecting drug users) Dr Stephen Parkin
A study to assess the relationship between alcohol predictive stimuli and behavioural disinhibition when primed with alcohol or placebo Dr Kavit Amin
Are overly restrictive eligibility criteria and unrepresentative samples unique to treatment research with substance use disorder patients? Professor Keith Humphreys
Substance using sex workers and the criminal justice system: A small scale exploratory study
Miss Caroline Rowlands
RIOTT: 2 year follow-up Dr Nicola Metrebian
Training family members and carers of opiate users in overdose management and naloxone administration: a randomised trial Ms Anna Williams
Screening and Brief Intervention for problem alcohol use among drug users attending primary care: a literature review and discussion paper Ms Catherine Anne Field
A cross sectional survey of the level of awareness and knowledge of the dangers of smoking and smoking cessation service among drug and alcohol dependent service users Dr Olubunmi Olorunfemi
A historical cohort study to determine the prevalence of common chronic respiratory diseases and medication use in drug misusers Mrs Mariesha Jaffray
Review of longitudinal prescribing in the first year of an opiate substitution therapy programme for opiate dependent patients with complex needs Dr Robert Cohen
Opioid Maintenance Treatment and QTc prolongation Dr Soraya Mayet
What happens with spirituality when individuals become abstinent from substances? Comparison between 12-step and non-12 step programs Ms Venetia Leonidaki
Tobacco, alcohol and drug use among dental undergraduates at one English university in 1998 and 2008 Mr Ben Underwood
ADEPT: Alcohol DEtoxification in Primary care Treatment Professor Anne Lingford-Hughes

Facets of impulsivity predict cognitive distortions in pathological gambling: preliminary data from the UK National Problem Gambling Clinic
Rosanna Michalczuk
Disulfiram for alcohol dependence (Review) Karan Jolly
The role of psychosis in motivation for cannabis use Jennifer Seddon
The possible role of perceptual norms and beliefs in first year students' drinking behaviour in the UK Bev John
Social networks in CDT service users in Birmingham and Solihull Dr John Roche
Developing an evidence base for CM in the UK (CONMAN): A methodology for the process evaluation Ms Vikki Charles
Processes of change in drug abusing offenders Ms Zetta-Georgia Kougiali
Reliability of PHQ-9 and GAD-7 as screening tools for depression & anxiety in routine addictions treatment Mr Jaime Delgadillo
Prevalence of illicit methadone use as shown in new patients entering a Methadone Maintenance Treatment program
Ms Carolyn Plater
The effects of alcohol priming on disinhibition: Using an alcohol Hayling-style task and alcohol Stroop task
Navin Kumar
The value of clinical case management in a Methadone Maintenance Treatment program Ms Carolyn Plater


Annual Symposium 2009

"Treatment policy - Service-user involvement - Young people & families "

York, 12 - 13 November


Invited Speakers: Abstracts and Presentations

The evidence base for the treatment of addiction
R Rawson
Evidence base, treatment policy and coverage in England
Ann McNeill
The future of user involvement in drug treatment decision-making

Jo Neale

The Future of Pharmacological Treatment

Anne Lingford-Hughes

The future of talking treatments

Gerhard Bühringer

How good are psychosocial interventions in the UK?
Gillian Tober
Addiction Treatment: Do economists contribute to the policy debate? - 2009 Society Lecture
Christine Godfrey
The future of treatment in the developing world
Isidore Obot
The future of drug treatment policy internationally
Keith Humphreys
European alcohol treatment policy
Antoni Gual
The elephant outside the room: Thoughts on treatment policy from a population perspective
John Cunningham
Treatment policy for young people: Contrasting the UK and the US
John Kelly
Treatment policy in England: a NICE perspective
Eileen Kaner
The Option 2 experience: Delivering Services though families: Impact on policy and practise.
Rhoda Emlyn-Jones

Delegate speakers

Reassessing knowledge of Hepatitis C amongst injecting drug users and
evaluation of a multi-media educational intervention
Onome Agbahovbe
Can a web-based intervention moderate alcohol use? Investigating the alcohol
related behaviour of Sixth Form students
Bridgette Bewick
How opioid and crack cocaine users with depressive symptoms view their
condition: a qualitative study
Charles Cornford
Client Experiences of Motivational interviewing: Qualitative Research into the
Process of Therapy
Sarah Jones
An Investigation into the Quality of the Motivational Interviewing in the UKATT
Study Using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) Scale


Dr Roger Lakin

Training the Trainers? Does it work with opioid overdose management and
naloxone administration?
Soraya Mayet
Towards less controlled procedures of opioid substitution treatment in Finland
- Experiences of patients and clinical staff
Tuuli Pitkänen

E-therapy for problem drinking: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Marloes Postel
The role of expectancy and pharmacology in alcohol-related behaviour Rebekah Robson
Overdose Training for Friends and Family Members of Heroin User: The Validation Process of Two New Measures to Evaluate Knowledge and Attitudes towards Managing an Overdose Anna Williams
Alcohol: Effects on Lactation and the Breastfed Baby - a Systematic Review Caroline Worsley


Annual Symposium 2008

"Addiction Across The Lifespan"

13 - 14 November

The programme can be downloaded here


Invited Speakers: Abstracts and Presentations

What's so new about the new abstentionism? History and treatment policy - 2008 Society Lecture
V Berridge
Clinically useful measures
D Raistrick
Smoking during pregnancy: correlates and consequences
K Pickett
Recovery-focused treatment: the challenges for research and outcome measurement
N Singleton
The Global Burden of Alcohol Misuse: New Epidemiological Data
J Rehm
Involving family members in services and recovery
A Copello
Natural Recovery from Gambling Problems
D Hodgins
The role of Integrative Reviews in the Development of Alcohol Policy
T Babor
Addiction change: are self-help and assisted change so distinct?
J Orford
Recent developments in intervention research. Regulating alcohol availability
H Holder
Recent developments in intervention research: Prevention through education and persuasion - more of the same or new opportunities?
N Giesbrecht
Drinking across the Lifespan: Findings from the Birmingham Untreated Heavy Drinkers project
A Rolfe
Community Drug Problems : A life span perspective
Dr Hilda Loughran & Dr Mary Ellen McCann
Untreated Remission from Drinking Problems in Late Life
K Schutte

The role of the alcoholic beverage industry in alcohol problems and public policy

[Please note: The presentation can be downloaded as a Powerpoint file and the notes as a Word file]

Linda Hill
Parental Substance Misuse
D Forrester

Delegate Speaker Abstracts

Drinking Goal and Outcome: Findings from UKATT
Simon Adamson and Nick Heather
Investigating the psychological and socio-economical ramifications of Khat on its users and the consequent repercussions on their communities
Manaf Khatib
Young men's experiences of recovery and self-change in NA
Lymarie Rodriguez
AA sponsors: a qualitative and quantitative study
Paul Whelan, Jane Marshall, David Ball, and Keith Humphreys
Cardiac Assessment for Methadone Prescribing: A Clinical Audit
S Lankappa
Understanding participant attrition from a web-based alcohol intervention RCT
Brendan Mulhern, Bridgette M. Bewick, Andrew J. Hill and Michael Barkham
Survey on Alcohol Awareness among Older Adults
Dr L Murali & Dr L Blissitt
Is informal carer involvement with drug services possible?
Linda Orr
A Qualitative Analysis of the Process Leading to, During, Ending and Following a Relapse Drinking Session in a UK Clinical Sample of Problem Drinkers
Yuko McGrath, Louise Roper & Simon Duff

Delegates' Posters and Presentations

Khat: Social Habit or Cultural Burden? 2008 Poster Prize winner
Manaf Khatib
Patient Predictors of Alcohol Treatment Outcome: A Systematic Review
Simon Adamson, J Douglas Sellman, Chris Frampton
The Opinions and Outcomes of Clients Following Cessation of Diamorphine Prescribing in a Community Substance Misuse Team
K Blazey & K Williams
Is it in medical centers’ self-interest to provide substance use disorder treatment?: A cost-consequence analysis in a national health care system
Keith Humphreys, Todd H. Wagner,
Mistry Gage
Targeting ‘high risk’ users and stigmatising families
Polly Radcliffe
Alcohol Treatment Requirement
Lesley Billington & Katie Ineson
Complex Management of Gamma Hydroxyl Butyrate Withdrawal
Zelda Summers & K M Gangineni
Complex Management of Gamma Hydroxyl Butyrate Withdrawal
K M Gangineni
Student alcohol consumption: Patterns & web-based interventions
Bridgette Bewick
Substance Use and Ageing: Older People's Experiences of Drug Use and its Impacts
Across the Life Course
Brenda Roe
Addressing the needs of older substance misusers
Dr Millicent Chikoore,
Dr Nicholas Seivewright


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Annual Symposium 2007

"Theory, policy and practice in addictions: how are they related?" and "What are the new developments in addictions treatment?"

York 15th - 16th November

Presentations can be downloaded below.


Invited Speakers

Smoke Screen - Smoking Cessation as an Entrée for Managing Risky Drinking and Drug Use in Health Care Settings
Tom Babor
The feasibility and effectiveness of a web-based alcohol intervention in UK university students
Brigitte Bewick, K Trusler, B Mulhern, M Barkham, and AJ Hill
Internet-based interventions for addictions: Where do we go from here?
J Cunningham
The application of Mindfulness Theory to the treatment of addictions
Kimberly Hoppes
Contingency management: Using principles of reinforcement to improve drug abuse treatment
Nancy Petry
ICT-based tools for excessive drinkers – easy, accessible and attractive alternatives
Anja Koski-Jännes's
Down Your Drink: An on-line intervention for heavy drinkers
Elizabeth Murray, Zarnie Khadjesari, Ian White, Simon Thompson, Jim McCambridge, Stuart Linke, Christine Godfrey, Paul Wallace
Electronic screening and brief intervention (e-SBI) for unhealthy alcohol use in university students
Kypros Kypri

Delegate Speakers

Relapse to smoking during unaided cessation: Clinical, cognitive, and motivational predictors
Jane Powell, Alan Pickering, Lynne Dawkins, Robert West, John Powell
Strengthening Motivational Interviewing skills following initial training
Gerald Bennett, Julie Moore, Lindsey Rouse, Jood Gibbins
Tiagabine for the treatment of cocaine and opioid dependent patients newly admitted to substitution therapy: a randomized clinical trial
Gerardo González, Rani Desai, Melinda Randall, Mauricio Romero - González, Rachel Hart, Jennifer Napoleone, Huned Patwa, Hajime Tokuno, and Ismene Petrakis
Keltoi Rehabilitation Programme: Post-Discharge Outcome Study
Emma White
Social Recovery Model: Adolescent AA-NA Participation over 8 Years Following Inpatient Treatment
John Kelly


Invited Speakers

ICT-based tools for excessive drinkers – easy, accessible and attractive alternatives
Anja Koski-Jännes

Delegate Speakers

Alcohol and falls in older people: A systematic review
Prof Ilana Crome & Dr Frank Lally
Relapse to smoking during unaided cessation: Clinical, cognitive, and motivational predictors

Jane Powell, Alan Pickering, Lynne Dawkins, Robert West, John Powell

Strengthening Motivational Interviewing skills following initial training
Gerald Bennett, Julie Moore, Lindsey Rouse, Jood Gibbins
Tiagabine for the treatment of cocaine and opioid dependent patients newly admitted to substitution therapy: a randomized clinical trial
Gerardo González, Rani Desai, Melinda Randall, Mauricio Romero - González, Rachel Hart, Jennifer Napoleone, Huned Patwa, Hajime Tokuno, and Ismene Petrakis
Job Satisfaction and Health Behaviours of Hospital Doctors in Germany
Judith Rosta
The Real Hell's Kitchen - Methamphetamine; Epidemic About to Happen?
Cyrus Abbasian
Keltoi Rehabilitation Programme: Post-Discharge Outcome Study
Emma White
Cannabis withdrawal symptoms in "pure" cannabis dependent and cannabis and opiate co-dependent patients
F. Vorspan, E. Guillem , J.P. Lépine


WISMS Service User Research: Diverted Medication and Substance Misuse
Linda Harris
The Real Hell's Kitchen - Methamphetamine; Epidemic About to Happen?
Cyrus Abbasian


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Annual Symposium 2006

“Family and Social Networks” and “New Conceptual Frontiers in Addictions Treatment”

York 2nd - 3rd November 2006

Presentations can be downloaded below.

SOCIETY LECTURE: Family and Network Treatment - Theory and Practice
Jim Orford
A Case Of Misdiagnosis And Poor Management? Lifetime Prevalence Of Epilepsy And
Of Seizures, And Their Management Amongst Alcohol Dependent Patients In
- 2006 Poster Prize winner
Ms Hannah Cappleman & Dr Nav
Drug Policy and the Public Good
Tom Babor
New Perspectives On Treatment Of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Hospital Treatment Versus Treatment In Foster Care
Alex Whincup
Family-oriented treatment for people with alcohol problems in Ireland: A comparison of the effectiveness of residential and community-based programmes
Dr Mairead Doyle
Adherence to oral methadone: prevalence, correlates & implications for prescribers
M Haskew
The Clinical State and Treatment of Alcohol Related Disorders in Japan
Y Kochi
Opiate users’ experiences of injecting
Alyson Bond
Counselling in drug treatment
Dr Petra Meier
The effect of alcohol co-dependence on the opioid withdrawal syndrome
Robyn J Akhurst and Jennifer A Bearn
How do persons with alcohol dependency syndrome learn and is their problem solving effective?
Maja Zorko, Zdenka Cebašek-Travnik, Saška Roškar, Andrej Marušic, Valentin Bucik
PRIME Theory of Motivation and its application to addiction
Robert West
Barriers to the effective treatment of injecting drug users
Christine Godfrey
Online support groups as social support networks for problem drinkers
John Cunningham
Opiate dependant teenagers in Dublin: A Descriptive study at treatment entry
John Fagan
The latent structure of polysubstance use
Gillian Smith
Public injection rooms in Norway – a happy compromise?
Hilgunn Olsen
Public Injection Rooms in Norway (poster)
Hilgunn Olsen
The beverage alcohol industry and alcohol policy
Peter Anderson
How much does it take to retain a patient in treatment?
Akin Akioye & Robert Cohen


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The Annual Symposium 2005

Presentations from the 2005 Annual Symposium can be downloaded below.

Young People: The Evidence in Policy & Practice
Eilish Gilvarry
Society lecture: W(h)ither ESTs?
Kathy Carroll
If gambling treatment was evidence based, what would it look like?
Mark Griffiths
If treatment for tobacco addiction was evidence-based, what would it look like?
Robert West
Evidence-based services for older people: what would they look like?
Daphne Rumball
If alcohol treatment were evidence-based what would it look like?
Jane Marshall
Cocaine users: a special population? The evidence for policy and practice
Luke Mitcheson
The UK Alcohol Industry and the UK Research Agenda
Robin Davidson
If we had evidence based drug policy, what would it look like?
Christine Godfrey
What Service Users Want from Treatment: How is this addressed in policy and Treatment Planning?
Neil McKeganey, Michael Bloor, Michelle Robertson, Joanne Neale
Setting Up an Evidence-Based Electronic Library on Addictions (EELDA): A Joint Project of Librarians, Academics, and Other Specialists
Christine Goodair
If tobacco policy were evidence based what would it look like?
Deborah Arnott
Preventing alcohol and drug misuse in young people: phase 1 adaptation of the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) 10-14 for use in the UK
Lindsey Coombes
The USA has Evidenced-Based Drug Prevention Policy & Practice: What does it look like?
Dennis Gorman
Women And The Peer Injecting Of Illicit Drugs: A Focus On The Implications For Practice
Laura Sheard
Improved online personalized assessment and feedback for problem drinkers?
John Cunningham
How the alcohol industry influences policy across Europe
Robin Room
Lifetime Prevalence Of Deep Vein Thrombosis Among Heroin Users In Rotherham
Nav Ahluwalia
An Empirically- Derived Model For The Delivery Of Substance Misuse Treatment Services To High Security Prisoners
Michael Wheatley, Matthew Gaskell, John Weekes

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Annual Symposium 2001

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Annual Symposium 2000

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Annual Symposium 1999

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Annual Symposium 1998

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