SSA Annual Symposium 2014


  • Pain, analgesia and addiction
  • E-treatment
  • Contingency management
  • Alcohol, public health and what we think we know
  • E-cigarettes

Symposium Programme

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Society Lecture Speaker


Name:Peter Anderson

Title of lecture:
ALICE RAP and the Addictions Health Footprint - Toward a Redesign of Addictions Governance.

Speakers & Posters

Peter Anderson


ALICE RAP and the Addictions Health Footprint

Caral Stevenson

Social and recovery capital amongst homeless drug and alcohol users who live in hostels

Rebecca Lawrence

Pain and dependence:  Better together

Cathy Stannard

Pain and problematic use of opioids

James Bell

Pain and addiction: The three worlds of prescription drug misuse

Kathleen Carroll

The brave new world of computerised interventions for addictions

Caitlin Notley

Griffith Edwards SSA Academic Fellowship Awardee:

Patient experience of smoking lapse and relapse back to smoking

Heleen Riper

The clinical and cost-effectiveness of e-prevention and treatment for alcohol misuse

Bridgette Bewick

How are individuals processing the information we provide?: Using verbal protocols to explore the user experience of bried personalised e-interventions for alcohol use

Ildiko Tombor

SSA PhD Studentship Awardee:

Development and evaluation of SmokeFree Baby:  A smoking cessation smartphone app for pregnant mothers

Mike Ashton

Matrices and bites: The base of the evidence base for addiction treatment

Frances Kay-Lambkin

2014 Fred Yates Prize Winner:

Improving the management of co-morbid addictive and mental disorders through the use of technology

Timothy Weaver

Is it feasible and acceptable to deliver contingency management in UK drug treatment settings?

Nicola Metrebian

Do monetary incentives increase completion of HBV vaccination amongst people in opiate treatment?

John Holmes

Characterising the UK drinking culture using drinking occasions: A latent class analysis

James Nicholls

Alcohol licensing and public health: Bringing research and practice together

David Foxcroft

On the accuracy of brief alcohol questionnaires in primary care in the UK

Lynne Dawkins

Electronic cigarettes:  Craving, quitting, and addictive potential

Ann McNeill

E-cigarettes: Good or bad for public health?

Jamie Brown

E-cigarette use in England: Latest trends from the Smoking Toolkit Study

Dilkushi Poovendran Perspectives of clinicians who recruit to clinical trials in addictions services
Rachel Petrie High dose methadone prescribing and medical review: a completed audit cycle (Midlothian 2012-14)
Hannah Farrimond E-cigarette policy and practice: what do vapers think?
Donna Mullen Mindfulness based relapse prevention in an Alcohol Treatment Unit
Claire Garnett Normative misperceptions about alcohol use in the general population of drinkers
Rebecca Lefroy The role of the annual review in opiate abuse: A primary care quality and evidence audit
Gordon Hay Patient experience of RADAR (Rapid Alcohol Detoxification: Acute hospital Referral)
Rebecca McDonald Engaging service users in research design for a novel naloxone formulation for heroin overdose reversal
Edyta Truszkowska Who dies on methadone treatment- case control study of risks and causes of death amongst people registered in treatment?
Christine Goodair European-wide, Monitoring, Analysis and knowledge Dissemination on Novel/Emerging Psychoactive (EU-MADNESS): integrated EU NPS monitoring & profiling to prevent health harms and update professionals
Christine Goodair Improving the landscape of substance misuse in the undergraduate medical education in the UK; travelling through time from an idea to change
Lindsey Hines The association between speed of transition from first to second use of cannabis and later problematic cannabis use, abuse and dependence
Briony Enser Alcohol-related collateral harm in the family and social circle: The unseen dimension of alcohol-related harm?