Abstract submission

Research / service-evaluation / audit: Student-led

Instructions for submitting a poster 

Please complete all sections of the form below and submit online, by 5.00pm BST, Monday 9 August.

NB: delegates are required to register for the Conference by Friday 1 October otherwise abstracts will be withdrawn.

Abstracts must not exceed 250 words in length.

For our online event, delegate posters will take the form of a maximum of three Powerpoint slides, accompanied by an audio talk (maximum three minutes) by the presenting author.

Please use the following headings:

  • Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Abstracts must include information to address the following questions:

  • What was evaluated?
  • What outcomes were measured?
  • What were the recommendations from the evaluation?
  • How are/were these recommendations disseminated?
  • NB: This year’s Annual Conference will be held online. The presenting author must submit a three-minute audio or video recording with three Powerpoint slides (excluding reference slide).

  • To be eligible for the poster prize, the presenting author must submit an audio or video file accompanying their poster slides, and be available at a scheduled time during the Conference to discuss their work with the judges.

  • Presenting author's details

    If accepted for presentation, the presenting author would ordinarily attend the Conference to present the poster.

    If the presenting author is not able to attend the Conference a named co-author may present the poster in their place, but it will not be eligible for the poster prize.

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  • Presenting author's email address for our contact.

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  • Further details

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  • (This field is mandatory for ‘Research’ category papers.) Please provide ethics committee reference number and brief details, or write 'N.A.' for service evaluation/audit abstracts
  • Please paste the full text of your abstract. Maximum 250 words.