Dr Sarah Jackson

Sarah is a post-doctoral researcher in the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group within the Department of Behavioural Science and Health at University College London. Her current research focuses on individual- and population-level influences on cigarette smoking and quitting activity, including the role played by e-cigarettes. She is Associate Editor at Addiction and member of ASH’s advisory council of tobacco control experts.

Social housing: smoking hot-spots

Presentation link: Social housing: smoking hot-spots (Impact prize, 2019)

Smoking prevalence in England has fallen dramatically since the 1970s, but to a lesser extent in those with greater social disadvantage. Social housing has previously been identified as a ‘hot-spot’ for smoking with substantially higher prevalence than other housing tenures. However, it was not clear to what extent this high smoking rate stemmed from other factors; or how far it reflects lower motivation to quit among smokers, greater difficulty quitting or both. This talk will summarise key findings from a large-scale, comprehensive survey of smoking and quitting behaviour in relation to housing tenure. Potential strategies to reduce this inequality will be discussed.

This work is funded by Cancer Research UK.