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SSA post-doc funding and opioid overdose research: The SSA talks to Dr Basak Tas
Four minute read: Dr Basak Tas was awarded the SSA’s first post-doctoral transitional development...
Created On: 09 February 2021   (Last updated: 03 March 2021)
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Completing an SSA fellowship: Dr Tom Freeman talks to the SSA
Dr Tom Freeman is a Senior Lecturer at the university of Bath and finished...
Created On: 30 July 2020   (Last updated: 26 May 2022)
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SSA PhD studentship applications – deadline 13 March 2020
PhD studentships from the SSA are available to members / student associates of the...
Created On: 13 February 2020   (Last updated: 29 March 2022)
SSA Academic Fellowship applications – deadline 13 March 2020
The SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship scheme is available to members / student associates...
Created On: 13 February 2020   (Last updated: 29 March 2022)
Announcing the SSA’s new Addictions Professorship scheme
We are delighted to announce the launch of the SSA’s new Addictions Professorship scheme, to...
Created On: 13 May 2019   (Last updated: 15 February 2022)
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NEW: Post-Doctoral Transitional Development Support scheme – funding now available!
  Beginning August 2017, we are pleased to launch, on a one-year, trial basis,...
Created On: 07 August 2017   (Last updated: 13 February 2022)
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