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Addiction Audio: alcohol policy and gender with Petra Meier
The Addiction Audio podcast includes interviews with Addiction authors about their work, details about...
Created On: 24/03/2021   (Last updated: 24/03/2021)
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The Scottish Drug Death’s Taskforce: Professor Catriona Matheson talks to the SSA
“There are some unique features for Scotland, such as a low base of social...
Created On: 22/03/2021   (Last updated: 22/03/2021)
Interview Policy Research
Delivering brief interventions for alcohol use in custody suites: Dr Ruth McGovern talks to the SSA
  In the custody suite they would ask ‘has your alcohol use in some...
Created On: 17/03/2021   (Last updated: 17/03/2021)
Policy Research
Addiction Audio: Online search behaviour and minimum unit pricing
Fifteen minute audio: In this episode of Addiction Audio Rob Calder speaks to Professor David...
Created On: 24/02/2021   (Last updated: 03/03/2021)
News Policy
Scottish government announces £250 million for drug treatment
The Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has announced an extra £50 million per year...
Created On: 21/01/2021   (Last updated: 21/01/2021)
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UK government announces £148 million to cut drug-related crime
The UK government has announced £148 million of new investment to cut crime associated...
Created On: 20/01/2021   (Last updated: 21/01/2021)
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UK government to review gambling legislation
The UK government has launched a review of gambling legislation intending to ensure that...
Created On: 08/12/2020   (Last updated: 08/12/2020)
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United Nations reschedules cannabis
On Wednesday 2 December 2020, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted to remove...
Created On: 03/12/2020   (Last updated: 03/12/2020)
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Researching people placed in hotels because of homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic; Jo Neale talks to the SSA
In spring 2020, the UK Government launched the Everyone In initiative in response to...
Created On: 23/11/2020   (Last updated: 23/11/2020)
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Access to treatment for people who use drugs in the Sultanate of Oman
By Qutba Al Ghafri. Qutba is a PhD student at King’s College London In...
Created On: 17/11/2020   (Last updated: 17/11/2020)