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The Domestic Abuse Act: what we need to know
Article describes some of the changes and new provisions brought about by the Domestic...
Created On: 11/06/2021   (Last updated: 11/06/2021)
Interview Policy Treatment & therapies
‘Change-resistant drinkers’, domestic homicides, and vulnerable adult deaths
Natalie Davies talks to Mike Ward about his work on safeguarding adult reviews and...
Created On: 09/06/2021   (Last updated: 09/06/2021)
Blog Harm reduction Policy
Harm reduction month: vaping and public health
In this last in our series of articles for harm reduction month, Rob Calder...
Created On: 04/06/2021   (Last updated: 04/06/2021)
Blog Policy Treatment & therapies
Research analysis: Payment by Results and hospital admissions
The implications of pay-for-performance models of addiction treatment funding for policy and practice. This...
Created On: 01/06/2021   (Last updated: 01/06/2021)
Blog Harm reduction Policy
Reframing the debate about drug consumption rooms
To continue May’s harm reduction theme, Natalie Davies writes about an intervention yet to...
Created On: 14/05/2021   (Last updated: 14/05/2021)
Policy Prevention
YiIM project final dissemination event – 26th April 2021
The final dissemination event for the Youth in Iceland Model project was held on...
Created On: 11/05/2021   (Last updated: 11/05/2021)
Policy Research Researchers
SSA Conference 2020: Professor Carl Hart on ‘The role of addictionologists in perpetuating societal inequities’
Professor Carl Hart’s plenary session, chaired by Professor Julia Sinclair, closed the first day...
Created On: 28/04/2021   (Last updated: 28/04/2021)
Blog Policy Prevention
Youth in Iceland: a blog from Reykjavik, March, 2020 by Pat and Hannah
As part of the Youth in Iceland Model project (see the main project page),...
Created On: 26/04/2021   (Last updated: 27/04/2021)
Policy Prevention Researchers
The Youth in Iceland Model in Dundee: Tessa Parkes and Hannah Carver talk to the SSA
The Youth in Iceland Model is a prevention model based on the experiences in...
Created On: 26/04/2021   (Last updated: 27/04/2021)
Blog Policy
Film: Dundee and the Youth in Iceland Model
As part of the Youth in Iceland project, a 30 minute documentary film was...
Created On: 26/04/2021   (Last updated: 27/04/2021)