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COVID-19 and addiction: webinars, podcasts and online discussions
In these unprecedented times there is a need to learn about the emerging evidence...
Created On: 07 May 2020   (Last updated: 13 May 2020)
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COVID-19 addiction news: global responses to lock-down
In the last month, there has been a huge increase in COVID-19 related addiction...
Created On: 06 May 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
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The SALIS collection: a free online archive of addiction resources
The SALIS collection is a free online digital archive of alcohol, tobacco and other...
Created On: 21 April 2020   (Last updated: 19 August 2021)
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Findings update: recovery, brief interventions and International Women’s Day
Effectiveness Bank Additions The Effectiveness Bank is a free online library at Drug and...
Created On: 30 March 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
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Coronavirus and heroin supplies, what are the implications? Dr Owen Bowden-Jones talks to the SSA
How do you think COVID-19 (coronavirus) might affect people who use drugs?  “We have...
Created On: 17 March 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
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Explaining the CBD deadline: Dr Amir Englund talks to the SSA
The Food Standards Agency [FSA] has put something out on CBD, can you tell...
Created On: 09 March 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
In the news: drug consumption rooms
Ahead of a UK-wide summit on drug-related deaths being held in Glasgow, Kit Malthouse...
Created On: 03 March 2020   (Last updated: 16 December 2021)
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Homelessness, alcohol treatment and unhappiness in recovery: the latest from the Drug and Alcohol Findings team
  Homelessness Homelessness has been a ‘hot topic’ in substance use over the past...
Created On: 19 February 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
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UK ban on gambling with credit cards: Dr Steve Sharman talks to the SSA
Credit cards and gambling have been in the news, can you tell us what...
Created On: 28 January 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
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SSA-funded ‘Drug Policy and the Public Good’, 2nd edition wins BMA Highly Commended award
We are delighted that Drug Policy and the Public Good, 2nd edition received a...
Created On: 13 September 2019   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)