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A course on alcohol treatment from Drug and Alcohol Findings

Subscribers to Drug and Alcohol Findings have recently finished reading the content in row 2 of the alcohol treatment matrix, which looked at the generic and cross-cutting issues at the heart of treatment – what treatment is for, how it ‘works’, and who needs it. Row 3 applies the lessons of the last instalments to

Flashback Friday: Dr James Bell on injectable heroin treatment

This week, a video from 2 years ago. Dr James Bell talks about his experiences of prescribing injectable heroin. In this fascinating video, Dr Bell talks about how people who use drugs are often ambivalent about their heroin use, ambivalent about treatment and ambivalent about the people who deliver that treatment. He goes on to
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How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing our use of illegal drugs? An overview of ongoing research.

Dr Will Lawn and Martine Skumlien The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have substantially affected our use of legal and illegal drugs. In the UK, we have adapted to the closure of pubs and restaurants by purchasing considerably more alcohol in supermarkets and off-licences[i], while hundreds of thousands of people have given up smoking cigarettes[ii].

Wiley agrees open access publishing deal with Jisc

Publish your next paper open access in Addiction or Addiction Biology A new agreement between Addiction and Addiction Biology journals’ publisher Wiley and Jisc means that if you’re a UK-based researcher at a participating institution you may now be able to publish open access in Addiction and in Addiction Biology at no direct cost to

SSA tea-break videos: Cannabis

Another SSA tea-break video for those of you working from home who might feel disconnected from the addiction research community. It is as if you have gone to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and found Will Lawn there talking about his cannabis research. You might as well take a break, put the
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SSA tea-break videos: Contingency management

Over the next few weeks we will regularly post videos from addiction conferences in 2019. Many of you now working from home will be missing those conversations that happen by chance in kitchens, stairwells or over coffee, where you get a glimpse into other people’s research. These conversations help us feel connected to the wider

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