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Alcohol withdrawal in acute hospital settings: the SSA talks to Rachel Coleman
Rachel Coleman started her SSA-funded PhD looking at treatment for alcohol withdrawal in acute...
Created On: 26 July 2021   (Last updated: 26 July 2021)
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PhD Addicted to Research: co-dependency
In this episode, Ayan Ahmed and Chloe Burke talk to Dr Ingrid Bacon about...
Created On: 01 July 2021   (Last updated: 02 July 2021)
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Chemsex, sexualised drug use and sexual health outcomes: Matt Hibbert talks to the SSA
Dr Matt Hibbert recently published a systematic review of sexualised drug use and chemsex...
Created On: 17 May 2021   (Last updated: 18 May 2021)
Policy Research Researchers
SSA Conference 2020: Professor Carl Hart on ‘The role of addictionologists in perpetuating societal inequities’
Professor Carl Hart’s plenary session, chaired by Professor Julia Sinclair, closed the first day...
Created On: 28 April 2021   (Last updated: 28 April 2021)
Policy Prevention Researchers
The Youth in Iceland Model in Dundee: Tessa Parkes and Hannah Carver talk to the SSA
The Youth in Iceland Model is a prevention model based on the experiences in...
Created On: 26 April 2021   (Last updated: 27 April 2021)
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SSA launches Early Career Research Network
The new SSA Early Career Research Network launches on 19 May, providing a series...
Created On: 21 April 2021   (Last updated: 22 April 2021)
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ADDICTION LIVES: Professor Betsy Thom
This interview comes from the series Addiction Lives, a print and online collaboration between the...
Created On: 19 April 2021   (Last updated: 19 April 2021)
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Dr Sarah Jackson wins the Fred Yates Prize
We are delighted to announce that Dr Sarah Jackson has been awarded the 2021...
Created On: 18 March 2021   (Last updated: 17 March 2021)
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Dr Nora Volkow: the SSA society lecture 2020
In November 2020, Dr Nora Volkow delivered the SSA Society Lecture. The full lecture...
Created On: 08 March 2021   (Last updated: 10 March 2021)
Education & training Research Researchers
PhD Symposium Session 5.0: Treatment and Recovery
Two minute read: By Dr Inge Kersbergen (University of Sheffield) The final session of the PhD...
Created On: 24 February 2021   (Last updated: 03 March 2021)