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Hong Kong’s first cannabidiol (CBD) café

The first cannabidiol (CBD) café is due to open in Hong Kong in October 2020. The café will sell a range of CBD products including CBD-infused drinks and CBD oils. Customers are expected to include parents of children with epilepsy or cerebral palsy and people who have difficulty sleeping. Products containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) remain illegal

SSA tea-break videos: Cannabis

Another SSA tea-break video for those of you working from home who might feel disconnected from the addiction research community. It is as if you have gone to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and found Will Lawn there talking about his cannabis research. You might as well take a break, put the

Explaining the CBD deadline: Dr Amir Englund talks to the SSA

The Food Standards Agency [FSA] has put something out on CBD, can you tell us what has happened? “So, to my knowledge they have put out a deadline for companies making and selling CBD products. The deadline is 31 March next year [2021]. They basically want paperwork from these companies to show that the products

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