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The SURE Recovery app: Jo Neale talks to the SSA
The SURE Recovery SMART phone app was launched in 2019.  It was developed with...
Created On: 17/12/2020   (Last updated: 17/12/2020)
Research Treatment & therapies
Smoking cessation for cannabis users: The SSA talks to Hannah Walsh
Hannah Walsh is a mental health nurse, and a PhD candidate at the Florence...
Created On: 10/12/2020   (Last updated: 08/12/2020)
Policy Research Treatment & therapies
Access to treatment for people who use drugs in the Sultanate of Oman
By Qutba Al Ghafri. Qutba is a PhD student at King’s College London In...
Created On: 17/11/2020   (Last updated: 17/11/2020)
Research Treatment & therapies
When the patient–practitioner interaction is intended to be the main active ingredient
Funded by Alcohol Change UK, Drug and Alcohol Findings’ refresh of its Alcohol Treatment...
Created On: 29/10/2020   (Last updated: 28/10/2020)
Researchers Treatment & therapies
Flashback Friday: Suzi Gage talks about medical cannabis
This week we go back one year to the 2019 SSA conference. Here Dr...
Created On: 16/10/2020   (Last updated: 30/10/2020)
COVID-19 Research Treatment & therapies
COVID-19 resources update
COVID-19 infections are increasing in many parts of the UK with many areas now...
Created On: 15/10/2020   (Last updated: 15/10/2020)
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Stoptober 2020
The 1st October marks the beginning of Stoptober, an annual campaign created by Public...
Created On: 01/10/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Policy Treatment & therapies
PHE updates COVID-19 addiction treatment guidance for commissioners and providers
Public Health England (PHE) has updated its guidance to addiction treatment commissioners and providers...
Created On: 29/09/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Harm reduction Treatment & therapies
Prescription of alcohol in emergency homeless hotel accommodation during the COVID-19 lockdown
by Dr Emmert Roberts and Dr Emily Finch During the COVID-19 lockdown in London,...
Created On: 23/09/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)
Research Treatment & therapies
Flashback Friday: Stephen Pilling on Contingency management
It’s Friday again. This week we’re heading back to last year’s SSA conference to...
Created On: 18/09/2020   (Last updated: 09/10/2020)