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Addiction journal editorial: mitigating and learning from the impact of COVID‐19 infection on addictive disorders: click here

Alcohol Change UK blog: drinking during lockdown headline findings: New research reveals UK drinking habits: click here

Annals of Internal Medicine, when epidemics collide: COVID-19 and the opioid crisis: click here

BMJ blog by Ian Hamilton about the harms for vulnerable people: click here

BMJ blog by Ian Hamilton: Is alcohol really “essential” during covid-19? click here

BMJ blog ‘Covid-19 and addiction—a secret burden during this pandemic’: click here

BMJ blog: COVID-19 – we must take urgent action to avoid an increase in problem gambling and gambling related harms: click here

BMJ blog: Sharon Cox asks how we are assisting our most disadvantaged during COVID-19? click here

BMJ blog on the role of smoking cessation during respiratory virus epidemics: click here

BMJ blog on water-pipes and tobacco: click here

BMJ Tobacco Control blog about smoking and COVID-19: click here

BMJ Tobacco Control blog on smokeless tobacco use and the COVID-19 pandemic Dr Arjun  Singh and Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi: click here

BMJ Tobacco Control blog: Smoking history is an important risk factor for severe COVID-19: click here

BMJ Tobacco Control blog: the two faces of the tobacco industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

BMJ Tobacco Control editorial: the tobacco industry in the time of COVID-19 – time to shut it down?

Canadian Centre of Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) Canadians Under 54 Drinking More While at Home Due to COVID-19 Pandemic: click here

Canberra Times: will COVID-19 change our drinking habits long term? click here

Club Soda: drinking and wellbeing in lockdown – findings from survey

Drinking Studies Network: does COVID-19 mean alcohol is now considered a drug? click here

Drinking Studies Network: from Ebola to COVID-19. Is all nicotine bad nicotine? An epidemiologist’s reflections: click here

Forbes article about US treatment services: click here

Global Drug Survey: COVID-19 Conversations with Prof. Alison Ritter from University of New South Wales, Sydney – video: click here

Independent: The tobacco industry is trying to get cigarettes classified as an ‘essential’ item during lock-down: click here

Mental Elf Blog: Cheers Covid-19: Will we consume more alcohol during this crisis? click here

NIH Directors Blog ‘Coping with the Collision of Public Health Crises: COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorders’: click here

Phil Cain: alcohol and the outbreak – challenges and solutions. Listen to a discussion about how to respond to the radically new conditions COVID-19 creates for those working to reduce alcohol harm: click here

Phoenix Futures: Chief Exec Karen Biggs writes about the impact of COVID-19 on the people who rely on drug and alcohol treatment services

Points: the blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society: how people find pot, a global perspective

Recovery Review: redesigning addiction and recovery services in a COVID-19 world (US): click here

RSPH ‘Covid-19 and Smoking: Act Now to Prevent a Health Calamity from Happening’

Statnews (US) on the implications for methadone programmes: click here

Talking Drugs: COVID-19 decarceration, the detention centres nobody is talking about: click here

The Converstation: how COVID-19 is changing the market for illegal drugs: click here

The Conversation: how to spot COVID-19 fake news – an expert guide: click here

The Conversation: Ian Hamilton on “Coronavirus: why the law on morphine should be loosened

The Conversation: Ian Hamilton on ‘How the coronavirus is putting our relationship with alcohol to the test’: click here

University of Kent: online gambling risks during COVID-19 lock-down: click here

YouGov: how are British drinking habits shifting under lockdown? click here



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