Invited Speakers - SSA Annual Conference 2020

Addictive behaviours and their impact on UK Armed Forces serving personnel, service leavers, and their families

Armed Forces serving personnel, service leavers, and their families are populations about whom little is known. These three projects, funded by The Forces in Mind Trust, explore the impact of addictive behaviours on these groups.

Opioid overdose: Mechanisms of action and interventions for reversal

Presenting new developments in research on mechanisms of opioid overdose and interventions for reversal. Opioid-related deaths in the UK have reached record numbers. A recent report by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs warned of the emerging threat of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and highlighted the importance of research into opioid action and effective interventions.

Alcohol Care Teams: where to next?

With over 1.1m alcohol-related hospital admissions each year this patient group places a disproportionate impact and cost on secondary healthcare systems, particularly those with comorbid physical and mental health disorders, and social problems. The causal association between alcohol and a wide range of conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer and liver disease, as well as harm from accidents, violence and self-harm is challenging for a non-specialist workforce often ill-equipped to address complex and coexisting presentations. Following publication of The NHS Long-Term Plan, there is a need to increase the early identification and treatment of patients with alcohol use disorders in secondary care settings.

'Hooked' - The Unexpected Addicts

Programmed by Action on Addiction, based on their award-winning, BBC5 Live podcast

The role of addictionologists in perpetuating societal inequities