For the current annual membership fee of £85 ($175 if paying by US dollar cheque), the SSA offers online subscriptions to both SSA journals, the two highest ranked journals in addiction science in the world.  Compare this with the cost of subscriptions to Addiction and Addiction Biology: over £1,000 per year!

Addiction publishes peer-reviewed research reports on pharmacological and behavioural addictions, bringing together research conducted within many different disciplines.  Addiction’s scope spans clinical, epidemiological, human experimental, policy, and historical research relating to any activity that has addictive potential. In addition to original research, the journal features editorials, commentaries, reviews, interviews, letters, and book reviews.

Addiction Biology is focused on neuroscience contributions and it aims to advance our understanding of the action of drugs of abuse and addictive processes. Papers are accepted in both animal experimentation or clinical research. The content is geared towards behavioral, molecular, genetic, biochemical, neuro-biological and pharmacology aspects of these fields.


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Addiction Biology

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Books & Publications

The SSA has provided financial support for the following books.  Click on the cover of each book for a summary and information on how to purchase.


Thomas F. Babor et al.

Publishing Addiction Science (Third Edition)


Thomas F. Babor et al.

Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity, second edition