PhD: addicted to research podcast

‘PhD: addicted to research’ is a podcast created by SSA-funded PhD students that will help anyone doing a PhD or anyone thinking about doing a PhD.

Meet the team

Everyone on the podcast is at a different stages of their studies, from starting off to writing up. The podcast is available on Acast and the other main podcast providers. In the episodes, the team discusses their experiences and fears about going through 3 years of study. They also interview experts to get the best tips and advice for making it to the final graduation ceremony.

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We are very grateful to George Verrall for producing the music for this podcast.

‘PhD Addicted to Research’ podcast launched

From Wednesday 30 October, we are launching a new podcast series ‘PhD: Addicted to Research’. The podcast is recorded and produced by SSA funded PhD students and covers all aspects of completing a PhD, from getting funding to passing the final viva. It is a valuable resource for anyone considering PhD study, for current PhD

How and why Mendelian randomisation can be used in addiction research

Rachel Coleman and Zoe Swithenbank talk about smoking cessation and recovery

Merve Mollaahmetoglu talks to Dr Carol-Ann Getty and Dr Basak Tas about the time immediately after completing a PhD

Chloe, Merve and Zoe talk about recent research in this area, and Merve’s recent paper

Chloe Burke talks to Dr Jenny Scott, Katy Penfold, Marie Jameson and Rebecca Dwyer about their experiences of conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic and about what changes they made along the way

Ayan Ahmed and Chloe Burke talk to Dr Ingrid Bacon about her work and research on co-dependency in addiction

Ayan, Carol and Dan discuss the writing up stage of a PhD. At the time of recording, Carol and Dan had just finished writing up their theses, so were able to give their different hints and tips whilst still fresh in their minds.

Chloe and Merve talk to Rachel Lees, an MRC funded PhD student at the University of Bath, about her research and about common misconceptions about cannabis use disorder

Carol, Chloe and Dan discuss how to find, and apply for, extra funding during your PhD. They cover the different pots of money available to help you attend conferences and seminars, that will pay for collaborations, user engagement and that will sometimes make your PhD one that involves international travel

Chloe, Ayan and Merve talk about different kinds of organisation and goal setting for your PhD, including day-to-day tasks and short-term projects.

One of the most important aspects of any PhD is the relationship you have with your supervisors. Having an effective working relationship with all your supervisors can make all the difference to the three (and more) years you will spend on your PhD.

The first few weeks of your PhD can be confusing. In this podcast, Chloe, Carol and Zoe take you through what to do, where to look and what your priorities should be in those first few weeks.

Together, the SSA’s annual PhD symposium and conference showcase some of the most up-to-date research by PhD students and by long-established researchers.

Jo-Anne, Carol and Merve unpick the plethora of options facing PhD students everywhere, from teaching, to conferences and podcasting. They speak to Dr Rachel Orritt who now works at Cancer Research UK about her experiences during and after her PhD

Carol, Jo-Anne and Merve will cover everything you need to know about getting funding for your PhD. They cover the many (many) routes to finding and applying for funding, as well as giving advice on how to make an application, which organisations to approach for funding and how getting used to rejection

Zoe, Chloe and Dan discuss how they felt when they started and talk about exciting moments and challenges they encountered along the way. The episode also covers finding your feet, happy jars and organised squirrels

Dan, Carol and Zoe cover the why, what and how of academic conferences. From those yearly events that feel like you’re going home, to those that just don’t seem to make any sense. Dan interviews Dr Sarah Fox to get a behind-the-scenes view of the Society for the Study of Addiction annual conference