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PhD: Addicted to research is a fortnightly podcast by, and for addictions PhD students.

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‘PhD: addicted to research’ is a podcast created by SSA-funded PhD students that will help anyone doing a PhD or anyone thinking about doing a PhD. We are all at different stages of our studies, from starting off to writing up, and will release a podcast every 2 weeks which will be available on Acast and the other main podcast providers. In the episodes, we discuss our experiences and fears about going through 3 years of study. We also interview experts to get the best tips and advice for making it to the final graduation ceremony.

We are very grateful to George Verrall for producing the music for this podcast.

The team

Chloe Burke is undertaking an SSA funded PhD at the University of Bath, with cross-institutional supervision from researchers at the University of Bristol. Chloe’s project seeks to accurately understand the individual and combined roles of cannabis and tobacco in mental illness, through triangulation of cross-country data and different experimental and epidemiological techniques.

Carol-Ann Getty is a PhD student at King’s College London, researching the feasibility of using telephones to deliver behaviour change in addiction treatment. The primary aims of Carol-Ann’s PhD are to assess what interventions are feasible and acceptable to deliver by telephone, how to encourage professionals and individuals who might benefit from this treatment to engage with telephone delivered interventions (TDI), and how to integrate these into routine treatment practice.

Merve Mollaahmetoglu is a third year PhD student within the Psychopharmacology and Addiction Research Centre at the University of Exeter. Merve’s PhD research focuses on the role of ruminative thinking in initiating and maintaining alcohol use disorders and exploring rumination as a target of psychological and pharmacological treatment approaches.

Jo-Anne is a third year PhD student at the University of Liverpool. Her research focuses on understanding the patterning of alcohol use and mental health problems and how this pattern changes among different social groups. Jo-Anne’s PhD involves using mixed methods, such as managing large datasets and conducting qualitative interviews, to identify those at most risk of having a co-morbid alcohol and mental health problem.

Daniel Ranson is an SSA funded PhD student at the University of East London, part of the Casalotti lab studying the molecular mechanisms of addiction like behaviours in the Drosophila melanogaster. Daniel’s current works focus on the GABA-B receptor and the modulatory role it has on the development of tolerance and preference when in the presence of alcohol.

Zoe Swithenbank is a PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, funded by the SSA. Her PhD is in the development of behavioural interventions for smoking cessation in substance use treatment services. She has previously worked in substance use services and currently volunteers with a mental health charity both locally and nationally.


Episodes (most recent first)

Episode 8: The first few weeks

Where do you go for lunch – and where does good coffee?

The first few weeks of your PhD can be confusing. In this podcast, Chloe, Carol and Zoe take you through what to do, where to look and what your priorities should be in those first few weeks. The team talk about the importance of meeting your supervisors, finding a computer that works, and making sure you complete all your inductions (including the ones you don’t know about). They work hard to avoid making ‘paperwork’ a theme for the whole podcast.

Chloe talks to Oli Schofield who is the Doctoral Engagement Manager at Bath University who shares his advice, experiences and top tips for making sure you start your PhD on the right foot.

The team also explore whether or not ‘PhDing’ is a real word.


Episode 7: SSA symposium and conference rundown

An online conference, or a game of addiction researcher top trumps?

Together, the SSA’s annual PhD symposium and conference showcase some of the most up-to-date research by PhD students and by long-established researchers. In this episode of PhD: Addicted to research, Dan, Jo-Anne and Merve talk about their experiences at this year’s conference picking out their highlights (including brain disease models, societal harms, cannabis use disorders, ethnography) and discuss what it is like attending a conference online.

Jo-Anne talks to Dr Inge Kersbergen who has helped to organise the PhD symposium since 2019 about some of the challenges and joys of being involved in such a large-scale event.


Episode 6: What else could I be doing?

When the phrase “it’ll look good on your CV” makes you shudder.

During your PhD there will be dozens of opportunities to do other things. How can you tell which are worth doing and which will consume all your time for little reward? This week Jo-Anne, Carol and Merve unpick the plethora of options facing PhD students everywhere, from teaching, to conferences and podcasting. They speak to Dr Rachel Orritt who now works at Cancer Research UK about her experiences during and after her PhD, and about which opportunities employers will look for. And which will genuinely look good on your CV.


Episode 5: Funding your PhD

The best things in life are free, but they won’t get you through your PhD.

In this episode, Carol, Jo-Anne and Merve will cover everything you need to know about getting funding for your PhD. They cover the many (many) routes to finding and applying for funding, as well as giving advice on how to make an application, which organisations to approach for funding and how getting used to rejection. The team shares their own experiences along the way.

Merve interviews Professor Matt Hickman about his experiences of selecting and interviewing PhD funding applicants. He shares some great advice and tips on how to make sure your application is selected, and how to approach an interview for funding.

Here are a few links that the team refer to through the podcast.


Episode 4: The first 6 months – finding your feet

Happy jars and organised squirrels

Zoe, Chloe and Dan discuss the first 6 months of a PhD. The team reflect on how they felt when they started and talk about exciting moments and challenges they encountered along the way.

Dan interviews Professor Sally Cutler from the University of East London to get some expert advice on starting out including having realistic expectations, taking things step-by-step and the importance of the supervisory relationship. Listeners may also spot the guest appearance from Sally’s cat!

There are also some tips on organising your project and remembering the happy moments from your PhD.


Episode 3: Academic conferences and how to deal with them

In this episode, Dan, Carol and Zoe cover the why, what and how of academic conferences. From those yearly events that feel like you’re going home, to those that you struggle to make any sense of. Dan interviews Dr Sarah Fox to get a behind-the-scenes view of the Society for the Study of Addiction annual conference.

There are also tips on how to make a prize-winning poster, how to make sure your abstract will be accepted and what to do when you want to see more of a city than the inside of a conference centre. The PhD: Addicted to Research team will give you all the tips you need.


Episode 2: Stress and well-being

Merve, Chloe and Jo-Anne will discuss how to manage stress throughout a PhD, about maintaining a work-life balance and about how to cope with working from home during lock-down. Jo-Anne will interview Veenu, who works as a Peer Wellbeing Ambassador for PhD Students, about some of the common issues that PhD students have and some useful strategies.



Meet the team behind ‘PhD: addicted to research’ as each presenter describes where and what they are studying.