PhD Symposium Application Form 2020

PhD Symposium booking form

  • About your study

  • Year 1, 2, etc.

  • Attending the symposium

  • If you're happy to present your work, please enter here the title you will use for your presentation.

    (Otherwise, enter 'Not presenting'.)

  • Max. 300 words. If you do not want to present please write 'Not presenting'.

  • There will be a dinner, funded by the Society, on Wednesday evening, after the PhD Symposium, and we hope you will be able to join us. We need to know numbers in advance, so please tell us now whether you will be able to come or not.

    Participants should arrange their own travel and accommodation, and claim reimbursement (to the maximum award) from the SSA. 

    Example accommodation links:

    Newcastle & Gateshead Tourism Office - Accommodation
    Airbnb - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    Travellerspoint - budget hotels and hostels

  • As this year's event will be delivered online, please let us know if you require subtitles, require slides to be in a certain format for compatibility with screen readers, or have other needs we haven't considered yet.

  • Please submit your completed application form by Monday 14 September 2020.

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions this year's event will be delivered online. Ninety places are available, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.



As an organisation, we continue to function during the developing pandemic.

We are following all government and Charity Commission guidance in respect of staff and reporting issues.

Our funding schemes remain open and we are continuing to programme our conferences planned for November 2020.