PhD Symposium Application Form 2021

PhD Symposium booking form

  • About your study

  • Year 1, 2, etc.

  • Attending the Symposium

  • If you're happy to present your work, please enter here the title you will use for your presentation.

    (Otherwise, enter 'Not presenting'.)

  • Max. 300 words. If you do not want to present please write 'Not presenting'.

  • Depending on restrictions in place at the time, we may look to organise a social event in the evening after the Symposium, for example a meal or place to meet and socialise. If such an event were planned, how likely would you be to attend?.

  • Let us know if you are vegan, vegetarian, have allergies, intolerances or other requirements.
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    Participants should arrange their own travel and accommodation, and claim reimbursement (to the maximum award) from the SSA. 

    Example accommodation links:

    Newcastle & Gateshead Tourism Office - Accommodation
    Airbnb - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
    Travellerspoint - budget hotels and hostels

  • Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements that we need to consider in advance to enable you to participate.

  • Please submit your completed application form by midnight (BST) Thursday 1 September 2022.

  • Let us know if you are you intending also to attend the main conference.

    (Your name and email address will be held by the SSA and you can opt-out of receiving further mailshots at any time.)

  • 'I understand and consent that the information provided above will be held and used by the SSA for the necessary purposes of organising the SSA PhD Symposium.'

  • If you have any questions about your booking please email us.