Posters - SSA Annual Conference 2017

Conference Posters 2017: Student-led

Mr Carl Buckfield

Associative learning in alcohol dependence

Dr Richard Cooper

Codeine addiction and internet forum use and support: a netnographic study

Miss Fabiola Creed

Advertising, stereotypes and health advice: Understanding sunbed consumption in contemporary Britain

Mr Oliver Emmerson

Heroin use, opiate substitution treatment and employment: A qualitative study

Mr Nathaniel Enumah

A literature review on the knowledge, attitude and practice of healthcare professionals towards electronic cigarettes

Sarah Fox

"Just Listen" - Women's experiences of substance use, domestic abuse and support

Dr Felicia Heidebrecht

Predictors of heroin abstinence in opiate substitution therapy in heroin-only users and dual users of heroin and crack

Ms Chandni Hindocha

Cannabidiol reverses attentional bias to cigarette cues in dependent cigarette smokers

Miss Isabella Jenkins

Peer support as a pathway from harm to recovery

Miss Alice Jones

Rewriting scripts: Promoting multi-disciplinary services for users of methadone-prescription programmes

Mr Peter Kelly

A systematic review of the relationship between staff perceptions of organisational readiness to change and the process of innovation adoption in substance misuse treatment programmes

Mrs Catherine Kimber

Cigalike versus tank system e-cigarettes: Effects on smoking behaviours at the early stage of a quit attempt

Miss Chloe Knox

Mother vs. Child? Healthcare professionals' perceptions of maternal-fetal conflict in antenatal substance use

Mr Hyun Seok Lee

Effectiveness of smoking cessation treatment and predictors of success in patients with severe mental illnesses

Mr Lawrence Lee

Beyond the assessment score: The clinically useful meaning of withdrawal symptoms in gambling disorder

Mr Adnan Levent

Illegal drug use and prospective memory

Miss Elizabeth Lowe

Factors associated with employment in a sample of heroin dependent individuals receiving opiate substitution treatment (OST): a cross-sectional study.

Rebecca McDonald

Twenty years of take-home Naloxone: From harm reduction to public health strategy

Miss Laura Medina-Perucha

Psychosocial factors of sexual practices among women using heroin and other drugs: A systematic literature review

Miss Parvati Perman-Howe

The effect of alcohol strength on alcohol consumption: a protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial

Dr Daniel Ranson

Role of gamma-aminobutyric acid-B receptors in ethanol induced behaviours

Miss Zahra Safaryazdi

The role of executive function in the relation between ADHD symptoms and substance use

Ms Zoe Swithenbank

Cigarettes and alcohol: An exploration of the tensions and challenges of qualitative research conducted by people with lived experience of substance use

Basak Tas

An observational study of the severity of respiratory depression in chronic opioid dependence

Dr Joseph Tay Wee Teck

A methods mapping review of substance use related internet forum research

Miss Eilidh Urquhart

Benzodiazepine prescribing in a pregnant substance misusing population: A service evaluation of the Prepare team

Mr Zeyang Yang

An exploration of problematic smartphone use among Chinese university students: modelling with academic anxiety, academic procrastination, self-regulation and subjective well-being

Ms Dimitra Kale

Impulsivity related personality trait and cigarette smoking in adults: a meta-analysis using the UPPS-P model of impulsivity and reward sensitivity

Mrs Melina Throuvala

School-based prevention for adolescent internet addiction: Prevention is the key

Conference Posters 2017: Research

Miss Hadah Alkhaldi

Benzodiazepines (BZD) and Z-drugs prescribing over time among the Aberdeen Children of 1950s (ACONF) cohort

Astri Parawita Ayu

Addiction medicine training in undergraduate medical education: From understanding to attitude improvement

Ms Randi Bilberg

Can exercise reduce anxiety, depression and worrying and decrease the use of alcohol?

Dr Toni-Kim Clarke

Dr Sharon Cox

Leaving no smoker behind: Smoking behaviour and e-cigarette use in homeless smokers

Dr Jakob Emiliussen

Why do some older adults start drinking late in life?

Dr Felicia Heidebrecht

Exploration of the benefits of methadone treatment for dual users of heroin and crack who inject or have previously injected drugs: preliminary findings

Mrs Helen Howlett

Assessing prevalence of alcohol consumption in early pregnancy: Self-report compared to blood biomarker analysis

Mr Mateo Leganes

Alcohol context priming modifies attentional interference by alcohol related stimuli

Dr Louise Marryat

Children born to drug dependent mothers: the creation of a unique virtual cohort study

Professor Ann McNeill

The effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking

Mr Adam McNeill

Continuous theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex impairs inhibitory control and increases alcohol consumption

Dr Caitlin Notley

Redefining understanding of tobacco smoking lapse in the context of vaping

Ms Jona Olafsdottir

Depression, anxiety, and stress from substance use disorder among family members in Iceland

Manuela Pires Rocha

Early life exposure to violence and substance misuse in adulthood: Data from the II Brazilian National Alcohol and Drugs Survey (BNADS)

Dr Richard Purves

Young peoples' experience of a peer-led smoking prevention programme

Dr Richard Purves

Findings from a process evaluation of the delivery of ASSIST (A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial): an update to the existing evidence base

Dr Sengul Sari

Exercise as adjunctive treatment for alcohol use disorder

Dr Kirstie Soar

Cannabis vaping: experiences, advantages and practicalities as voiced in internet forums

Professor John Strang

Analysis of prescribing patterns of prescription opiates across England using CPRD: increasing over 16 years (2000-2015)

Professor John Strang

Long-term safety, tolerability and effectiveness of weekly and monthly buprenorphine depots (CAM2038) for treatment of opioid dependence: A European, Australian and U.S. Phase 3 study

Professor Adrian H Taylor

The effects of a facilitated physical activity intervention for depressed patients on smoking and alcohol outcomes

Mr Abhinav Tiwari

The association between medical students' drinking behaviour, knowledge of alcohol units and recognition of alcohol brands

Dr Elizabeth Walters

Understanding alcohol misuse in the elderly: Practice implications for the Alcohol Liaison Service (ALS)

Dr Emma Beard

A qualitative study of support provided by vape shops to people wanting to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking