Posters - SSA Annual Conference 2018

Conference Posters 2018: Research, service evaluation and audit

Dr Julius Burkauskas

Adaptation of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in Lithuanian patients with anxiety and mood disorders

Dr Julius Burkauskas

Is it time to prescribe to log off: What do we know about problematic use of the Internet?

Dr Penny Buykx

Commissioning of alcohol services by Local Authorities in a climate of disinvestment: stakeholder perspectives of opportunity and risk

Dr Gary Cooney

Changing drinking patterns in patients with severe alcohol dependence around the advent of MUP in the West of Scotland

Ms Natalie Davies

Time for safer injecting facilities?

Dr Sarah Gentry

Reported patterns of vaping to support long term abstinence from smoking

Dr Helen Gleeson

Exploring pathways through and beyond alcohol treatment among Polish women and men in a London borough

Mrs Christine Goodair

The SALIS Collection: Preserving and making available addiction literature through a digital archive accessible to all

Mrs Christine Goodair

Our invisible addicts: Public health and substance misuse in older people

Dr Frank Gray

RBP-6000 buprenorphine monthly depot demonstrates sustained clinical efficacy and safety in phase III opioid use disorder (OUD) trials

Dr Anne-Marie Grew

Review of off-label antipsychotic prescribing in Renfrewshire drug service

Dr Bernadette Hard

A local service evaluation to describe the use of Espranor® on treatment adherence and on-top opioid usage of patients receiving opioid substitution therapy

Dr Lee Hogarth

Relationship between childhood abuse and substance misuse problems is mediated by substance use coping motives, in school attending South African adolescents

Ms Neeti Iyer

Development of the Drug Abuse Thinking Scale

Nicola Kalk

Substance use in psychiatric crisis: still the usual suspects

Dr Kevin Lally

A multidisciplinary audit on hepatitis C management in The National Drug Treatment Centre of Ireland

Dr Beverly Love

The interplay between substance use and intimate partner violence perpetration: A meta-ethnography

Dr Rafaella Milani

Predictive relationships of drinking motives and weekly alcohol consumption in English and Italian young adults

Dr Katherine Morley

The role of alcohol intoxication in repeated use of emergency psychiatric care

Dr Caitlin Notley

Preventing Return to Smoking Postpartum (PReS Study): Development of an evidence-based complex intervention for maintaining positive behaviour change

Dr Matthew Smith

Pre-exposure prophylaxis for people who inject drugs: results from an exploratory study carried out during an ongoing HIV outbreak in Glasgow, Scotland

Dr Kirstie Soar

Cannabis vaping: An online survey characterising patterns of use, reasons for use and the effects of vaping

Dr Frances Thirlway

Patterns of regular tobacco and cannabis co-use amongst low-SES users and the arrival of CBD on the retail market: a community study

Dr Allan Tyler

Optics and illusions of street drinking in East London: A thematic analysis

Miss Alex Viccars

Transforming delivery of substance misuse support to female prisoners

Conference Posters 2018: Student-led research

Kyle Brown

An examination of compensatory puffing and variation in mood during naturalistic e-cigarette use

Mr Carl Buckfield

Associative learning with an alcohol unconditioned stimulus in light and heavy drinkers

Dr Stefano Casalotti

Users' perspectives of the effectiveness of a peer-led community based alcohol support service

Philippa Case

Are changes in the quality and quantity of social support across the life course associated with changes in alcohol consumption: findings from the Whitehall II study

Philippa Case

Newly at risk? Using Health Survey for England data to retrospectively explore the characteristics of newly defined at-risk drinkers following the change to the UK Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

Miss Emma Chapman

The application of training a restrained mental set to reduce cigarette-seeking behaviour

Mr Sam Craft

User characteristics of high versus low potency adolescent cannabis users

Miss Maddy Dyer

Alcohol use in late adolescence and early adulthood: The role of generalised anxiety disorder and drinking to cope motives

Mrs Zhanna Gaulen

Perceived impacts of dental problems and hygiene behaviors among people receiving opioid maintenance treatment

Ms Carol-Ann Getty

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of Mobile Telephone-Delivered Contingency Management interventions promoting behaviour change in individuals with substance use disorders

Miss Elena Gomis-Vicent

The effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in impulsivity and risk-taking behaviour

Miss Emma Hamilton

Developing a theory of social isolation and loneliness in a cohort of older male drug users

Sibella Hare Breidahl

Naloxone options and potential impact: Survey of target populations and their attitudes and likely use of nasal versus injectable formulations (Preliminary findings)

Mrs Helen Howlett

A survey of health care professionals' knowledge and experience of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and alcohol use in pregnancy

Mrs Catherine Kimber

Effects of device type and nicotine concentrations on e-cigarette naïve smokers' puffing topography in a two-week smoking reduction attempt

Ms Maike Klein

'Recovery' in UK drug policy: A comparative policy-as-discourse analysis of England, Wales and Scotland

Dr Will Lawn

Substance-linked sex in homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual men and women: an online, international, self-selecting survey

Mr Steven Maxwell

Chemsex behaviours among men who have sex with men: A systematic review of the literature

Mr Shane O'Mahony

The addicted habitus in Cork City

John Robins

The impact of alcohol use on emergency psychiatric care of suicidal individuals

Mr Erikas Simonavicius

Mental healthcare staff experiences of Smokefree policy and suggestions for better support

Ms Zoe Swithenbank

Tobacco use in recovery from substance misuse: A small-scale study of the perceptions of smoking held by adults in residential rehabilitation units in the North West of England

Basak Tas

Heroin overdose: Experimental testing and measurement in the laboratory (Preliminary findings)

Ms Hannah Walsh

Measuring co-use of tobacco and cannabis: methodological findings from a systematic review and meta-analysis of treatment interventions

Miss Amy Wilson

A preliminary investigation into the inappropriate use of Naloxone by people who use drugs