Posters - SSA Annual Conference 2019

Conference Posters 2019: Research, service evaluation and audit

Senthil Mahalingam

Audit of Benzodiazepine, Zopiclone, Gabapentin and Pregabalin prescribing within Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services (DDARS) and Primary Care for those patients who are on opiate substitute medications

Lee Middleton

Improved recovery outcomes with injectable prolonged-release buprenorphine in an opioid agonist therapy clinic in Glasgow

Devon De Silva & Antony Moss

Measuring the impact of the Capital Card® on substance use treatment outcomes

Gemma Taylor

Impact of intervention delivery and behaviour change techniques on the effectiveness of behavioural and mood management interventions for smoking cessation in people with depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Patrick Horgan

Use of antipsychotics in patients who died within a community substance misuse service

Dr Frank Gray

High therapeutic Buprenorphine levels reduce IV Fentanyl respiratory depression

Devon De Silva & Arun Dhandayudham

ECG findings in inpatient admissions at Passmores House

Alice Bowen & Paul Lennon

Mixed-methods study of a novel recovery app as an intervention to alter substance use trajectories and minimise harms

Dr Rebecca Foster & Dr Tessa Parkes

Supporting harm reduction through peer support (SHARPS): Testing the feasibility and acceptability of a peer delivered, relational intervention for people with problem substance use who are homeless, to improve health outcomes, quality of life and social functioning, and reduce harms

Lorna Hardy

Treatment-engaged smokers and drinkers who choose pictures of their preferred drug are more dependent, depressed, and more often use the drug to cope with negative emotions

Emma Ward

Secondary qualitative analysis of electronic cigarette users’ opinions and reported experiences of vaping around children

Dr Robert Cohen

Patterns of progress in Opiate Substitution Therapy

Michael Roy

Working at the SHARP end: Reflections on recovery and identity as a Peer Navigator

Alex Dunedin

Can the opioid system offer a unifying framework for addiction

Katherine Long

Connections are key: unlocking relationship-based practice

Caroline Copeland

A deadly trend in Fentanyl fatalities (England 1998-2017)

Dr Joanna Miler

Provision of peer support at the intersection of homelessness and substance use services: a ‘state of the art’ review

Oladapo Babatola

Predictors of relapse among clients undergoing Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) in the United Kingdom

Dr Bernadette Hard

Use of Espranor® for opioid substitution therapy: results from a local service evaluation

Joe Schofield

Developing national research infrastructure and activity: the role of a new drugs research network

Conference Posters 2019: Student-led research

Alexandra Bakou

Brief breath counting training protects against stress-induced alcohol-seeking in hazardous drinkers

Molly Carlyle

Impaired empathy and physiological responses to social exclusion in chronic opioid users

Mr Erikas Simonavicius

Smokers who do not try alternative nicotine products: who are they?

Nadina Pantea

Comparing acceptance and commitment group therapy and the Twelve Step facilitation for alcohol use disorders: A randomized controlled trial proposal

Miss Jo-Anne Puddephatt

The comorbidity of mental health problems and alcohol use in England: Findings from a representative population survey

Jessica Neicun

Upward trends in drug-induced deaths: the case of France & Ireland

Anna Tovmasyan

Pour Your Own Drink (PYOD): An interactive way to investigate pouring alcohol at home

Caroline Pollard

Evaluation of latent fingerprints for drug screening in a social care setting

Mrs Vicky Carlisle

Recovery within the context of opioid substitution treatment is a complex problem that demands a complex solution: individual level interventions are not enough

Ruichong (Chloe) Shuai

Ultra brief breath counting (mindfulness) training promotes recovery from stress induced alcohol seeking in student drinkers

Mr Benjamin Butterworth

Drinking to regret? The effects of alcohol on intrusive memories and mental health

Ms Zoe Swithenbank

Recommendations for the reporting of smoking cessation randomised control trials: Initial outcomes from an expert consensus meeting

Glen Dighton

Veterans’ lived experiences of military service, and recovery from problem gambling

Patricia Irizar

The presence of hazardous and harmful alcohol use across occupations with an increased risk of trauma exposure: a meta-analysis and meta-regression

Caroline Copeland

Not the spice of life: synthetic cannabinoid deaths in England and Northern Ireland (2012-2018)

Merve Mollaahmetoglu

Ketamine for the treatment of substance use disorders: a systematic review

Kirsten Trayner

Increased risk of HIV infection and other drug-related harms associated with injecting in public places

Steve Gay

The effect of past adverse life experiences within an alcohol treatment service – Insights from an ongoing study

Karen Megranahan

Does research output on interventions for two behavioural risk factors correlate with their respective burden of ill health in countries at differing World Bank income levels?