Posters - SSA Annual Symposium 2013

Symposium Posters 2013

Dr David Carson

General Practice is an efficient place to manage all the complexities of drug addictions

Dr Sarah Elison

Adoption and implementation of computer-assisted therapy using Breaking Free Online within a substance misuse organisation, Crime Reduction Initiatives: A qualitative study based on Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory

Dr Lucy Gell

The determinants of addiction: a case-study of multidisciplinary working to develop understanding of substance use and gambling

Mr Matthew Mayhew

The development of a self-report questionnaire to measure state impulsiveness and an exploration of its association with recent alcohol consumption

Mrs Christine Goodair

Ketamine analogue Methoxetamine and related deaths in the UK during 2011-2012: descriptive and clinical characteristics of national programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (np-SAD) cases

Mrs Christine Goodair

Deaths involving ‘Benzo Fury’, UK, 2011-2012

Dr Jamshid Nazari

Effectiveness of a nurse led hospital in-reach team and assertive follow-up of frequent attenders with alcohol misuse complications – a retrospective mirror image evaluation

Mrs Christine Goodair

Deaths in the UK from drugs and volatile substances - monitoring programmes

Mr Gregory Howard

Binge drinking and young people: social identity, habit and theory of planned behaviour

Mrs Christine Goodair

Fatalities associated with Mephedrone in combination with other stimulant drugs in young people aged 16-24 years

Dr. Jan Klimas

Implementing Alcohol SBIRT for Opioid Agonist Patients: Perceptions of Primary and Specialty Care Staff

Rebecca Lawrence

Transfer from high dose methadone to buprenorphine on a specialist in-patient unit – a case series

Rebecca Lawrence

Patient engagement and follow up after specialist in-patient alcohol detoxification in Scotland

Dr Lynn Owens

Baclofen as an adjunct pharmacotherapy for the maintenance of abstinence in alcohol dependent patients with established liver disease

Reporting of problematic use of Benzodiazepine in presentations to Tier 3 Substance Misuse services in Surrey

Dr Lee Hogan

Effectiveness of a group psychosocial intervention (Group PSI) for co-morbid mental health and substance dependence (‘dual diagnosis’): An initial pilot outcomes evaluation of ‘Pillars of Recovery’