Previous Society Lecturers

2018: Dr Antoni Gual

How the use of new technologies changes the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders

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2017: Professor Louisa Degenhardt

Studying substance use among young people: Mapping global trends, generating local insights

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2016: Professor Wayne Hall

The future of the international drug control treaties after the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay and some US states

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2015: Dr Thomas McLellan

Integrating treatment for substance use disorders into mainstream medicine: Who benefits?

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2014: Professor Peter Anderson

ALICE RAP and the addictions health footprint - Toward a redesign of addictions governance

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2013: Professor Robert West

What can the experience of combating tobacco addiction globally tell us about better ways of addressing other addictions?

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2012: Dr Bruce Ritson

Alcohol policy and its implementation in Scotland within an historical perspective

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2011: Dr Barbara McCrady

Family interventions for drug & alcohol problems

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2010: Professor Sally Casswell

Alcohol marketing policy: An urgent challenge for global governance

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2009: Christine Godfrey

Addiction treatment: Do economists contribute to the policy debate?

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2008: Virginia Berridge

What’s new about the new abstinence? History and treatment policy

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2006: Professor Jim Orford

Family and network treatment: Theory and practice

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2005: Kathleen Carroll

W(h)ither EVTs

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2004: Professor Griffith Edwards

Addiction: A journal and its invisible college

2003: Professor John Strang

Heroin prescribing – how far harm reduction?

2002: Professor Jonathan Chick

Changes in the management of alcohol dependence

2001: Prof Harold Holder

Treatment and policy as part of a public health approach to alcohol problem reduction

2000: Prof Tom Babor

New wine in old bottles: the dependence syndrome concept turns twenty-five

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1999: Prof Robert E Kendell

Drug misuse and public policy in the UK

1998: Dr Kaye Middleton-Fillmore

Social influences on scientific research: (the case of mortality in relation to alcohol consumption and that abstainers do not have increased risk)

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1997: Prof Jerome Jaffe

Whither treatment: Does evidence of treatment effectiveness influence national strategies?

1995: Hamid Ghodse

International drug control policies

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1994: Mr Jasper Woodcock

Commissions (Royal and other) on drug misuse: who needs them?

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1989: David Pittman

Dent Lecture: Alcohol and other drugs: The response of the social, legal and medical institutions

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1988: Benno Pollak

Dent Lecture: Where to start: Where to go?

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1986: Dr Shepard Siegel

Dent Lecture: Drug anticipation and drug tolerance

1985: Dr Philip Connell

Dent Lecture: ‘I need heroin’: 30 years of drug dependence and of the medical challenges at local, national, international and political levels. What next?

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1984: Dr George Vaillant

Dent Lecture: The natural history of alcohol and heroin abuse: Contrasts and similarities

1982: Dr Donald R Jasinski

Dent Lecture: Common mechanisms in substance abuse

1981: Prof Malcolm Lader

Dent Lecture: Dependence on prescribed psychotropic drugs