Qualitative methods conference: lectures and interviews

Weekly video release:

In the first video of the series, Professor Carol Emslie talks to the SSA about qualitative research projects focusing on alcohol and identity. She also discusses some of the challenges of funding and publishing qualitative research.

Qualitative methods lectures:

Each lecture showcased one of the researcher’s own qualitative studies. The lectures all followed the following format:

1. Background and rationale for the study, including study aims and objectives or research questions;

2. Methodology and methods, including choice of approach, ethics, participants and data generation;

3. Data management, coding and analyses, including the use of any software, analytic framework and approach, and an explanation of how the findings were generated from the data; and

4. Key findings, outputs and impact, including how and why different audiences were targeted and with what effects and real world changes.

In addition, each researcher agreed to be interviewed about their personal experiences of conducting qualitative addiction research, including any tips and advice on securing funding for, and publishing, qualitative studies.