SSA Associateship

Join the SSA as a student associate

As an alternative to membership, students may join the SSA as associates, for a reduced fee. This is available to students who are taking or are about to undertake a UK-based university course in which the focus of study is in the addiction field. Overseas students enrolled on an addiction course at a university which subscribes to one or both of the Society’s journals are also eligible. This status offers most of the benefits of membership without the right to become a Trustee or attend or vote at the AGM, and with online-journal access only.

Please fill in the form below to apply for associateship and be aware that acceptance of submitted applications is not instant. We will write to to confirm your application has been formally accepted (usually within a few days).

Acceptance as an associate of the Society for the Study of Addiction is not a professional endorsement or validation and we do not give permission to cite SSA-associateship on personal profiles for this purpose.

Student associateship must be renewed annually, expiring on 31 December. Applicants must provide proof each year of their ongoing student status.

Please upload a scan or screenshot of correspondence from your university:

  • dated in the current year
  • confirming that in the current or coming academic year
  • you have been accepted on a course focussing* on addiction.

(*The addiction-focus must be clearly stated.)