SABAA video transcript

There are over 700 000 autistic people[1] in the UK. Research shows that up to one in three Autistic people have substance use disorder (also known as ‘substance use problems’). But our knowledge is very limited on that important area of autism. We barely know about the causes, treatment options or what is being done to support autistic people who have problematic alcohol/substance use[2] or behavioral addiction(s).

We are a group of researchers and clinicians working in the areas of addiction and autism aiming to shape future research and support autistic people and their families/carers by defining key questions that should be addressed in this area.

We would like to hear from you:

  • Are you an autistic person?
  • Have you used alcohol or substances that caused problems in your life? Or do you have any behavioral addiction(s) such as problematic gambling?
  • Are you a carer or a friend/family member of an autistic individual who has behavioral addiction(s) or problematic alcohol or substance use?
  • Are you a researcher, clinician, professional, or volunteer working in the areas of autism or addiction?

We would like to hear from you! Have your say!

What do you want future research to focus on? Write your questions by taking part in this survey. And let us know about your questions.

We will let clinicians, scientists, autistic people and their families, and policy makers know the final list of important questions to shape the future together.

Thank to you for participating in this survey, your answers will help us in supporting the autistic community and their loved ones.

Please click here to go straight to the survey.

Do you know anyone else who can participate in this project? Please do encourage them to take this survey, and pass our contact information ( to them. We would be happy to hear from them.

For detailed information on the project and the survey please visit our website

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[1] We have chosen to use first-person language but understand there is no universally accepted way to describe autism

[2] By problematic we refer to use of a substance that causes difficulties for a person and/or their loved ones.  We acknowledge there is no universally accepted way to describe problematic use of substance or alcohol.

i Stakeholders are volunteer individuals that has an interest in this project and would like to take part in the survey and/or the process of deciding on the top ten questions. They might be researchers, autistic people and their families, professionals, clinicians or volunteers or anyone that has an interest in the areas of addiction or autism. Please contact us at if you would like to be one of our stakeholders.