SSA Bursaries: Students’ experiences

Former students’ accounts of how receiving an SSA bursary helped them:

‘Last year I tried to pay my fees using my salary but this was a constant struggle due to being on a low income. I tried to do this in instalments but yet again I was struggling. When I received SSA support last year I was able to continue my studies without the constant stress or the thought that I would have to withdraw from study. Since receiving support from SSA my grades have improved greatly and I am a successful student.’


‘A massive thank you to SSA for providing me with the funds to be able to complete my Master’s course, finishing last year! I couldn’t have done it without the financial support awarded and now I have just published a book about women and alcohol on Amazon! Thanks :)’


‘Being awarded the funding was a huge weight off my shoulders because the family solely depend on my income… I was aware that I needed to improve my academic knowledge and background, to better equip me to cope with the challenging employment market in order to stabilise my family and the main factor that is still impacting on this ability is the financial difficulties… the funding award greatly helps to ease this burden… my anxiety, which in turn has, to some extent, affected my ability to perform as well as I would’ve hoped in University.
The funding awarded has enabled me to focus on my academic work and still be able to help my family whilst reducing the amount of stress I would be under.
In addition, the funding award also enhanced my understanding and willingness to complete the study.
The Society also provides… excellent communication facilities that provide easy access to contact the Society.
Within a couple of weeks, I received the funding award letter, I was able to feel relaxed and happy. I am very grateful for their understanding and support.’

‘I’ve been a recipient of the bursary from the Society for the Study of Addiction, to support my degree in forensic psychology. As a part of this degree, I am writing the dissertation which is a qualitative study about heroin addiction in prison.
Due to its relevance to the Society’s work and objectives, I applied for the bursary to support my studies.
The bursary is given to candidates whose degree is on UK university-validated and UK-based programme in addiction-related studies and who at the same time can demonstrate a career focus on addictions (eg, in a housing support agency, a prison etc).
The process of obtaining the bursary was straightforward. I had to complete the application form and provide a letter of support from my employer, confirming their commitment to support my learning. The communication with the SSA was excellent, with a member of their team always available should I have any questions or need clarifications. The decision on the award of the bursary was made promptly.
There are numerous benefits of applying for the Society’s bursary. Firstly, it offers financial support for your studies, which is always welcome, especially if you are combining your studies with part-time work. Secondly, when receiving the bursary you also become a student associate of the SSA, gain access to SSA journals Addiction and Addiction Biology, and get the chance to apply for reduced enrolment fee for the SSA’s Annual Conference. Thirdly, you become a part of the scientific community and gain great opportunities for networking. You are encouraged to apply for the presentations at the SSA’s conferences which provide a chance to disseminate your research work.
For the above mentioned reasons, I would strongly encourage you to apply for the SSA’s bursary if you are pursuing a clinical or academic career in the addictions field and are currently enrolled in addiction-related course.’