Supported Delegate Application: Helper

For PhD students wishing to further their training and gain conference organisation experience

The SSA shall award up to five bursaries to support PhD Student Associates of the Society who are otherwise unable to afford to attend, to travel to the Annual Conference to further their training. Successful applicants’ delegate fees will be waived, and two nights’ accommodation in the Conference hotel provided.

Awards will be conditional on the student being willing to assist the conference organisers in some capacity such as reception, stewarding, hosting small gatherings, conference evaluation or poster session organisation. This is an established role, valued for assisting the effective running of our Conference, for which we seek innovative, helpful input.

Up to five associates will receive this award each year, the awards being made in July/August.

Deadline for receipt of applications is Monday 15 July 2019.

  • (Eligibility requirement: applicants must have held SSA student associate status for a minimum of six months prior to the conference date. Student associate application here.)

  • Don't forget - if you haven't already, you can also submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation, via this page: Submit a delegate's abstract

    A poster or oral presentation is not a required part of the Supported Helper application but time will be allocated for successful Helper applicants to fulfill their presentation if that is also successfully accepted.

    If applicable, please give the title of your abstract, below:

  • All supported delegates are required to assist with e.g. conference administration, peer group gatherings, poster room organisation, conference feedback collation.

  • Where an award is made it is on the basis that where possible economy travel options are booked well in advance of the date of travel. Justification for the amount claimed must be made and itemised, and receipts provided. A standard expenses claim form will be required from each claimant.

    Please read the expenses guidance before applying: (SSA Expenses Policy and Claim Form).

  • At this application stage, please answer the following questions:

  • (You will be expected to stay for both conference days.)

  • The applicant's tutor/line manager must confirm that this study activity will be supported with any necessary leave. Enter details below to confirm this

  • Upload copy of letter/email from tutor/line manager to confirm organisational support for the proposed attendance. (Please begin the filename with your name, eg: 'SmithJ Support Letter' so we can identify it.)

  • Don't forget - if you haven't already, you also need to submit your abstract via this page: Submit a delegate's abstract


    Please apply online and ensure the following are attached:  

    *This letter should show:

    • The benefit to the applicant or organisation;
    • The employer’s position regarding funding, and the student's need for support;
    • Support for the time required to prepare  and attend the symposium;
    • An opinion of the applicant’s ability to complete the activity. 

    Applicants agree that if successful they will submit a report to the SSA after the event (copy to & Details of expenses applicants would like refunded should be submitted in advance, and a hard copy of expenses sent with all receipts when available, for reimbursement in arrears (to the maximum £200.00). 


    Applications, from current students in the addiction field, must be submitted using the online form, with supporting documents attached, by the closing date of 15 July 2019. 

    Application assessment

    The Bursaries Coordinator and Bursaries Panel – appointed from the SSA's Trustees – will assess applications, and make a recommendation to the Conference Lead Organiser, a Trustee, for their ratification, and applicants will be informed of the decision by email from the Executive office by the end of July/early August.

    1. *Letter from tutor/line manager (preferably a member of the SSA) to confirm organisational support of the proposed attendance. This is essential to the processing of the application, including confirmation from that study leave will be granted if application is successful

    2. Expected budget for travel

    3. Whether funding towards accommodation would be required

    4. Copy of submitted abstract if making a presentation/poster

    Where an award is made it is on the bases: 

    1) that best value accommodation is sought, and that this will be capped at the level of the conference hotel; and 

    2) that where possible economy travel options are booked well in advance of the date of travel.

    The total amount that can be claimed by any supported delegate is £200, and justification for the amount claimed must be made and itemised, and receipts provided. A standard expenses claim form will be required from each claimant (SSA Expenses Policy and Claim Form).

    Go to this page if you wish to become a student associate.

    Please note:

    We are aware that a small number of users may receive an error message when submitting this form - 'Sorry, your form was not sent'. This appears to be the result of some institutions' IT systems disabling cookies on users' machines. If you are able to, please ensure cookies are enabled in your browser.

    Each applicant should receive an automatic email confirmation, but if you do not receive this or have received the error message above and want to be certain your application has reached us, please send a message via our Contact Us form, with name, email address, and the kind of Supported place you are applying for.

    Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience.