SSA Annual Symposium 2016

How do we investigate, evaluate and conceptualise addictions across the board?

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Themes, speakers & posters

Back to the future: Addiction and the scientific method

Plenary Session 1

David Nutt
Addiction: From brain mechanisms to new treatments
Tim Hickman
History and the neuroscience of addiction
Robert West
A psychological perspective on addiction

Addiction journal Session: Advancing methodology in addictions research

Susan Michie
Characterising intervention content in terms of behaviour change techniques
Emma Beard
Using Bayes Factors to test hypotheses in addiction science
Jo Neale
Iterative Categorization (IC): a systematic technique for analysing qualitative data

The future of the international drug control treaties after the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay and some US states

Wayne Hall
The Society Lecture 2016: The future of the international drug control treaties after the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay and some US states

SSA-sponsored session 2016

Beverly Love
Relapse and recovery of substance misusing offenders - The impact of abusive childhoods, trauma, relationships & psychological health
Paul Toner
Capturing youth drinking: what's been done and what needs to be done in psychometrics
Jamie Brown
‘The Alcohol Toolkit Study’: a national study of alcohol use in England
Leonie Brose
E-cigarettes, the latest evidence from UK surveys

Addiction Biology journal Session: Are all drug addictions and behavioral addictions essentially identical pathological phenomena?

Marc Potenza
Behavioral Addictions in DSM-5 and ICD-11: Clinical considerations
Rainer Spanagel
Largely overlapping neuronal substrates of reactivity to drug, gambling, food and sexual cues: a comprehensive meta-analysis
Valerie Voon
Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?

Plenary Session 2

Gemma Blok
'Just For Today': the rise of Narcotics Anonymous in the Netherlands since 1988
Erika Dyck
Turn on, tune in, step back: historical insights on the psychedelic renaissance
Iain Smith
Addiction science meets addiction history: A necessary conversation

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