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Explaining the CBD deadline: Dr Amir Englund talks to the SSA
The Food Standards Agency [FSA] has put something out on CBD, can you tell...
Created On: 09 March 2020   (Last updated: 09 October 2020)
In the news: drug consumption rooms
Ahead of a UK-wide summit on drug-related deaths being held in Glasgow, Kit Malthouse...
Created On: 03 March 2020   (Last updated: 16 December 2021)
News Policy Research Treatment & therapies
Can Tele-healthcare Interventions Prevent Drug Related Deaths?
Authors: Catriona Matheson,Professor in Substance Use, University of Stirling, Simon Rayner, Aberdeen City Alcohol and...
Created On: 18 September 2019   (Last updated: 15 February 2022)
Harm reduction Treatment & therapies
The Cochrane Drugs & Alcohol Group needs your help
  Help the Cochrane Drugs & Alcohol group with a topic prioritisation exercise. By...
Created On: 29 October 2018   (Last updated: 15 February 2022)