The Youth in Iceland Model

The Youth in Iceland Model (YiIM, also known as ‘Planet Youth’) is a community-based approach aiming to prevent young people’s substance use through reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. The key components are parents, organised extracurricular/recreational activities, schools, and involvement of young people.

This project aims to take learning from the successes of YilM and to trial how it might be implemented in Dundee.

Project team:

  • Dr Tessa Parkes (University of Stirling)
  • Dr Hannah Carver (University of Stirling)
  • Pat Tyrie (Dundee Drugs Commission)

More information

How might the ‘Youth in Iceland Model’ for preventing substance use among young people be developed and adapted for use in Dundee, Scotland?

Background In Scotland, substance use amongst young people is a significant public health concern, with many young people reporting alcohol, tobacco and/or drug use (1,2). Prevention of youth substance use is complex. The most effective method is by restricting access to substances through regulation, pricing, taxation and laws (3,4). While evidence for school and family-based

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