Join the SSA

You can apply to join the SSA by completing the online application form using the buttons below. Once we have received all required details and your payment, your application will be considered by the Trustees and we will write to formally confirm your membership.

The SSA has an international membership and is open to individual practitioners, researchers and policymakers working in the addiction field.

For the current annual membership fee of £85 ($175 if paying by US dollar cheque), the SSA offers not one, but both SSA journals.

Compare this with the cost of subscriptions to Addiction and Addiction Biology*: over £1,000 per year!

Membership also offers:

  • Exclusive access to the SSA’s academic and project funding schemes
  • Reduced enrolment fee for the SSA’s Annual Conference, with opportunities for personal interaction with other members and an invitation to present your own work
  • An opportunity for your personal involvement in the SSA’s ongoing work
  • Access to the SSA library at the Wellcome Institute in London
  • Electronic access through the SSA’s website to people with shared professional and scholarly interests based in many different countries
    *Only online subscriptions available.

The SSA also offers associate status for a reduced fee. This is available for those currently taking or about to undertake a UK-based course in which the focus of study is in the addiction field. Overseas students enrolled on an addiction course at a university which subscribes to one or both of the Society’s journals are also eligible.

Associates are eligible for most of the benefits of membership, including:

  • online access to both our journals;
  • consideration for our funding schemes;
  • apply for Supported Helper places at our Annual Conference.