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The NHS Northern Gambling Clinic at Sunderland will open in the new year. It will cover the north east region. Referrals are open 👇

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The Neuroscience of Psychedelic Drugs: Ending Psychedelic Myths With Professor David Nutt - an interview with @ProfDavidNutt

Anyone interested in the #NEPTUNE guidance can find it at and our specific #LGBT report at E-learning modules (v popular!) are at Everything has been peer reviewed, evaluated and is FREE! #NPS #clubdrugs

Michael Farrell@MichaelFarrellE

@SArunogiri @OwenBowdenJones @ClubDrugClinic @rcpsychAddFac @CNWLNHS @lgbtfriend @MontyMoncrieff Yes GHB has been a big problem involved with ODs in UK for at least the last decade. The Meptune Guidelines very helpful. Also Janes Bell wrote a great paper on the clinical management of GHB withdrawal

The Points Interview: Kerwin Kaye on his new book Enforcing Freedom: Drug Courts, Therapeutic Communities, and the Intimacies of the State. #drugtwitter #medtwitter #drugcourts #recovery @PointsADHS

Australian Capital Territory Drug Trends 2019: Key Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) Interviews | NDARC - National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

'Potential impact of reduced tobacco use on life and health expectancies in Belgium' - in a world without tobacco,”Belgians would see their life expectancy rise by up to two years, according to a new report by the federal health agency

SHAAP- if you have research on aspects of #alcohol 'through the lifecourse' you could present to their 2020 @SHAAPALCOHOL @SARNalcohol 'Alcohol Occasionals' series @RCPEdin details from their website on how to apply