Career resources

Advice and training for people who work and study in the field of addiction

Writing and publishing tips

  • How to judge the news value of your research

  • How to convince referees and respond to reviews

  • How to write a memorable scientific paper

  • Perfecting the introduction to your research article

Research advice

  • Lessons in collaboration, co-design, and co-production

  • 10 tips for first-time conference attendees

  • Tips to avoid your Gantt chart becoming a work of fiction

  • The 100-year-old project management tool you can use for your PhD

Webinars and seminars

  • What is open science and how can I use it in addictions research?

  • What a career can look like after your PhD

  • How to communicate your research effectively

  • How to get published


  • Bachelor’s degrees

  • Diplomas, certificates, and modules

  • Master’s degrees

Medical factsheets

  • Alcohol and the emergency department

  • Alcohol withdrawal

  • Assessment and screening tools

  • Cardiology

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Join the Early Career Research Network

The SSA’s Early Career Research Network (ECRN) is run by and for people at the beginning of their research careers in the field of addiction. The ECRN has a monthly newsletter and holds online events for early career researchers.