Our aim

Our aim is to add to and promote the scientific understanding of addiction and problems related to it.

Our objective

Our objective is to advocate the use of the evidence base in policy and practice.

Strategic aims

  • Support the human capital of addiction researchers and practitioners
  • Preserve the integrity and quality of innovation in the addictions field
  • Harness and communicate the evidence base to inform policy and practice
  • Identify and address the problems of individuals and populations of special vulnerability and liability to harm


  • 1

    Support publication of the Society journals

  • 2

    Have schemes to support training and education in addiction careers

  • 3

    Make available travelling scholarships

  • 4

    Organise and hold an Annual Conference for members and non-members

  • 5

    Support addictions conferences

  • 6

    Explore and disseminate innovations in theory and practice

  • 7

    Communicate the evidence base to policymakers

  • 8

    Support specific policy projects

  • 9

    Communicate research findings to practitioners

  • 10

    Support the setting up of addictions professionals’ associations and societies

  • 11

    Maintain the Society website and online resources