Dr Rob Calder

Head of Communications


Rob has worked in addiction treatment and research settings for the past 20 years. His main interest is in trying to improve how research findings are shared so that they can best help people who use drugs.

As Head of Communications for the SSA, Rob works on developing new science communication strategies, as well as helping to build capacity for research and dissemination in the addiction sciences.

He records several podcasts, including Addiction Audio for the journal Addiction and Addictions Edited for the SSA. He writes for the SSA website, for example about pub-based dissemination failures, about academic posters, and about pizza. He also talks to other people and organisations, like he did here and here.

His research to date has focused on the use of online resources and the evidence-based practice in addiction treatment settings. He has also worked on research into vaping in England, and primary care interventions for homeless people. He enjoys music and running. Separately.

Rob joined the SSA as Deputy Website Editor in November 2019 and started as the SSA’s Head of Communications in April 2022.

Email Rob if you have any questions.