St George’s Medical School (University of London) and the SSA produced a user-friendly set of factsheets to help integrate knowledge of substance use into the undergraduate medical curriculum. This factsheet examines public health interventions for substance use. After reading the factsheet, medical students will:

  • be aware of the importance of public health interventions in the control of supply and demand for alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances
  • recognise and evaluate the role of public health interventions in the prevention of substance misuse and harm reduction
  • understand the legislative framework governing the role of classification of substances, legislation, and licensing laws
  • understand the role of clinicians in public health
  • be aware of the role of health professionals in advising policymakers on medical evidence
  • be aware of the politicisation of drugs and alcohol
  • be aware of the role of the media in public health messages

Download the factsheet here