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‘Harm reductionists have taken matters into their own hands’
Dr Sheila Vakharia presents her thesis of The Harm Reduction Gap...
Created On: 18 January 2024   (Last updated: 18 January 2024)
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‘Addiction is a hypothesis that a group of things we can observe have an underlying connection’
What is addiction, why does it develop, and how can it be treated?
Created On: 09 August 2023   (Last updated: 09 August 2023)
Book excerpt
Oddities and commodities: The sometimes confusing and contradictory functions of alcohol in society
In the third edition of "Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity”...
Created On: 12 July 2023   (Last updated: 12 July 2023)
Book excerpt
Dopamine and the pleasure–pain balance
In Dopamine Nation, psychiatrist and author Dr Anna Lembke writes...
Created On: 08 February 2023   (Last updated: 08 February 2023)
Book excerpt
Heroin in 1940s America: ‘the work of this era only served to heighten the division between good and bad drugs’
In The Urge, Carl Erik Fisher narrates the social history of addiction...
Created On: 08 July 2022   (Last updated: 08 July 2022)