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Addiction Audio: What do power and privilege have to do with bacterial infections?
Ben Scher talks to Dr Thomas Brothers about how social and structural factors...
Created On: 13 September 2023   (Last updated: 13 September 2023)
Interview Podcast
How medication can be used to treat co-occurring ADHD and addiction
Professor Wim van den Brink will be giving the SSA’s Society Lecture...
Created On: 16 August 2023   (Last updated: 16 August 2023)
Addiction Audio: The first 72 hours of long-acting buprenorphine
Professor Joanne Neale joins Rob Calder on the Addiction Audio podcast...
Created On: 09 June 2023   (Last updated: 09 June 2023)
Interview Podcast
A medication-based intervention for people who use benzodiazepines
Karen Berry talks about prescribing protocols for people who are dependent on benzodiazepines...
Created On: 05 May 2023   (Last updated: 05 May 2023)
Podcast Research
Addiction Audio: ‘We smoke, but we’re not smokers’
Rob Calder talks to Dr Katie East from KCL about heated tobacco products...
Created On: 21 April 2023   (Last updated: 21 April 2023)
Harm reduction Podcast Research
A table, a chair, and a sharps box
Dr Gillian Shorter talks to podcast host Rob Calder about drug consumption rooms...
Created On: 17 March 2023   (Last updated: 17 March 2023)
Epidemiology Podcast Research
Overdose deaths, COVID-19, and Hurricane Katrina
Rob Calder is joined on the Addictions Edited podcast by...
Created On: 10 March 2023   (Last updated: 10 March 2023)
Relapse: what is it and what does it mean to people who experience it?
In the latest episode of the Addictions Edited podcast...
Created On: 19 January 2023   (Last updated: 19 January 2023)
Podcast Research Researchers
Addiction Audio: The rise of disposable vaping products
Rob Calder talks to Harry Tattan-Birch from UCL about his article on recent trends...
Created On: 04 January 2023   (Last updated: 04 January 2023)
Interview Podcast Researchers Treatment & therapies
Developing autism-friendly services: ‘calm environments and a range of treatment options benefit everybody’
In the second episode of a two-part SSA podcast on autism and addiction...
Created On: 16 December 2022   (Last updated: 16 December 2022)