First published: 19/06/2017 | Last updated: April 7th, 2019

Congratulations to the 2017 SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellow, Dr Steve Sharman


We are very pleased to announce the award of 2017’s SSA Academic Fellowship to Dr Steve Sharman, who will be conducting pioneering research into gambling, at the University of East London.

Steve’s research is into the psychological mechanisms underpinning disordered gambling. In order to effectively investigate this behaviour, he will create a suite of virtual reality gambling environments (VRGE) that will significantly increase our understanding of the key constructs and cognitions fundamental to gambling behaviour. The research will have implications for academics, treatment providers and legislators, and will put the University of East London at the forefront of gambling research.

The VRGE will be developed to be mobile, hugely increasing public engagement capabilities and accessibility by treatment facilities, universities, schools, prisons, and any other institution or establishment attended by populations at high risk of gambling problems. Mobile VRGE will have the potential to educate and support those at risk or suffering from disordered gambling across a wide range of vulnerable populations.



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