The SSA is now accepting applications for speakers at the PhD Symposium, which is being held on Wednesday 13 November 2024 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Apply by 3 July 2024.

The PhD Symposium is a free annual event for PhD students or people who have recently submitted their thesis. It provides a great opportunity to share your research findings and refine your presentation skills among a supportive group of peers.

Apply to be a speaker at the symposium using the form below, and indicate whether you would prefer to present using:

  • a rapid presentation format (3–5 minutes): recommended for those in the earlier stages of their PhD, who do not yet have results or who want to present simple results from one study
  • a full presentation format (10 minutes): recommended for those in the later stages of their PhD or those who are presenting more complex research findings

If your abstract is accepted, you will be automatically registered for the 2024 PhD Symposium; if not, you can book your ticket to attend from 5 August 2024. If you plan to attend the 2024 Annual Conference too, please read about the dual attendance bursary, which enables you to claim back up to £200 towards the cost of attending both events.

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