Closing the gap

Drug and Alcohol Findings aims to bridge the divide between UK-relevant research on the effectiveness of responses to drug and alcohol problems and the practitioners who provide those interventions.

In our regular analyses (pooled into bulletins), we encapsulate the findings of studies, set them in context, and explore implications for policy and practice. A recent example is whether a Housing First programme in New York City helped to undo the double bind of homelessness and substance use problems, and what this means for the UK, where Housing First has featured in the central government’s plans to end rough sleeping by 2024.

In our hot topics, we write long-form essays explaining the background and evidence to topics which sometimes prompt heated debate. In the past year this has included why the alcohol treatment caseload seems to be shrinking, and how the impact of drug consumption rooms can be measured.


Natalie Davies, co-editor of Drug and Alcohol Findings

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