Effectiveness Bank Additions

The Effectiveness Bank is a free online library at Drug and Alcohol Findings that provides accessible coverage of substance use intervention research. We recently added entries about why happiness might not factor into some definitions of ‘recovery’, about persistent challenges with extending the delivery of screening and brief interventions, about the scope for equipping police and people who use drugs with the ‘overdose antidote’ naloxone, and about the dilemmas likely to face organisations who provide harm reduction services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Women’s Day

During March we marked our fourth International Women’s Day as an organisation, using our platform and access to information to cultivate curiosity among readers about women’s experiences of drug and alcohol problems, and to provide a portal to studies about interventions tailored to women’s needs. View our message to see examples of entries published in the past year and access our special collection of Effectiveness Bank content focusing on women – accessed nearly 10,000 times since it was launched for International Women’s Day 2017.


Natalie Davies, co-editor of Drug and Alcohol Findings

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