The 31 August 2020 marks International Overdose Awareness day. Deaths from overdose are preventable and the #ENDOVERDOSE campaign encourages people to become more familiar with the signs and symptoms of drug overdose as well as the research and life-saving interventions that can help prevent overdoses.

To mark this day we have an interview with Dr Caroline Copeland from the National Programme on Substance Abuse Deaths (NPSAD).

We have two videos from last year’s Lisbon addiction Conference. The first is from Dr Basak Tas talking about experimental research around heroin overdose. The second is from Dr Rob Hill talking about pre-clinical research into fentanyl and opioid cross-tolerance.

Here Dr Rebecca McDonald outlines research that engaged service users in research design around nasal naloxone, and here Professor John Strang and Rebecca McDonald give a joint presentation about developing nasal naloxone.

This recent article in Addiction explores the impact of electronic health record prompts on issuing take-home naloxone. You can read the analysis of that article by the Drug and Alcohol Findings team here.

Here is link to register for a webinar with Dr Karen Urbanoski and Dr Bohdan Nosyk on mitigating the risk of COVID-19 and overdose among people who use drugs.



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