The latest discussion from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is now available online, focusing on policing the drug market in a South African city.

The January meeting of the Qualitative Methods Journal Club was led and summarised by Alissa Greer (School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University). The study they discussed addressed how the policing of illicit drugs is reinforced both institutionally and in the daily practices and activities of law enforcement officials:

“We were excited to discuss an ethnographic study in our club […]. We really appreciated the small nuances that the authors observed within the context of the drug market: disposition, banter, clothing, side conversations. These pieces added to the authenticity and credibility of the findings. Such observations are not captured through other approaches.”

 Read the full discussion here, and see the full collection of QMJC meetings here.

About the article

Monique Marks & Simon Howell (2016). Cops, drugs and interloping academics: an ethnographic exploration of the possibility of policing drugs differently in South Africa. Police Practice and Research, 17:4, 341-352.

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