The latest discussion from the Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) is now available online, focusing on the way young people from a detoxification service and a rehabilitation service in Australia narrated their experiences of recovery.

The Qualitative Methods Journal Club met in March to discuss a study about young people’s stories of their progress through treatment, from initially ‘feeling disconnected’, to later ‘imagining a future’.

“This month’s article generated a lively discussion around the different ways that narrative inquiry can be used in drug-related research. Journal club members saw narratives as a great knowledge translation tool that could help make research findings available to participants, as well as policymakers.”

Read the full discussion here, and see the full collection of QMJC meetings here.

Original article: Using narratives to understand progress in youth alcohol and other drug treatment. By Mandy Wilson and colleagues. Published in the Qualitative Research Journal (2013).

by Natalie Davies

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