The latest Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) from May is now available online. This meeting was based in the National Addiction Centre in King’s College London and was led by Stephen Parkin. The QMJC involves researchers meeting to discuss a good quality qualitative research paper. Following the meeting, a copy of the paper and a summary of the discussion is made available on the SSA website. This SSA-funded initiative is aimed at increasing knowledge of qualitative research practice. The Journal Club is overseen by Professor Jo Neale from King’s College London, and is hosted by different international academic institutions on a rolling basis.

This meeting focused on the article ‘It’s all about Whanaungatanga: Alcohol use and older Māori in Aotearoa’ published in AlterNative in 2018. The QMJC summary discusses issues around indigenous and ‘non-indigenous’ research and the impact of the indigenous language that was used throughout the article.

Article: Herbert, S., Stephens, C. and Forster, M. (2018). It’s all about Whanaungatanga: Alcohol use and older Māori in Aotearoa. AlterNative, Vol. 14 (3) 200–208

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