The latest Qualitative Methods Journal Club (QMJC) from October is now available online, focusing on assorted health disparities associated with ethnicity, age and gender within a community of homeless people who use drugs.

The Qualitative Methods Journal Club discussed a large scale, multi-disciplinary study that took place in San Francisco during 1994–2006 amongst people who were homeless and who used drugs. ‘Remarkable’ and ‘ground-breaking’ findings included the observation of different survival strategies between African American and White men.

The discussion was led and summarised by Stephen Parkin (National Addiction Centre, KCL).

About the article: Bourgois P, Martinez A, Kral A, Edlin BR, Schonberg J, and Ciccarone D (2006). Reinterpreting Ethnic Patterns among White and African American Men Who Inject Heroin: A Social Science of Medicine Approach. PLoS Medicine 3(10): e452.

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