The 1st October marks the beginning of Stoptober, an annual campaign created by Public Health England (PHE) that encourages people to stop smoking.

This year, the campaign uses ‘Better Health’ branding. This is so that it aligns with obesity campaigns from early 2020, and with the health focused drive introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stoptober 2020 particularly aims to reach people aged 35 to 60 and 18 to 34 with an emphasis on people from C2DE socio-economic groups. The PHE campaign resources page can be found here where there are resources such as posters, guides and e-mail signatures for GPs, pharmacy’s and NHS trusts that wish to run their own campaigns.

For those wishing to quit smoking, there are plenty of NHS resources. This year the NHS has launched an App to give people support and information throughout Stoptober.

On the SSA website, we have a wealth of reports and articles related to smoking cessation to help you explore some of the current and historical research on smoking cessation. These include the following presentations, for more from the SSA website on smoking cessation click here.

The SSA resources also include the following abstracts, for more from the SSA website on smoking cessation click here.


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