This is the fourth in the series of videos from the Qualitative Methods Conference from March 2020.

Dr Caitlin Notley from the university of East Anglia talks about using qualitative methods to develop a holistic understanding of the complex web of interactions that influence human behaviour. Caitlin talks about her PhD studying substance misuse behaviours among older people and the normative ways people use drugs across their life-course.

Caitlin also discusses her qualitative research with families of babies admitted to neonatal intensive care units, about National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) funded research on vaping and smoking cessation outcomes. Finally, Caitlin discusses the importance of being resilient and securing small pots of funding whilst establishing yourself as a research leader.



Next week we will publish the first of four qualitative methods lectures, beginning with Professor Carol Emslie. Carol discusses a range of qualitative methods, including Thematic Analysis, that were used to researching alcohol use and identity among LGBT+ people in Scotland.

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